Get a Comprehensive Fitness Analysis with InBody

The numbers on the scale provide only a small amount of information about your health. In order to get the full picture, you need a more advanced approach. InBody uses a targeted form of body composition analysis to provide a comprehensive overview of a user's fitness level. Through segmented analysis, InBody evaluates each part of the body separately to generate the most accurate results and highlight stronger and weaker areas.

An InBody test is a great way to measure your fitness progress and the efficacy of your training program. Because it can pinpoint specific areas of the body, it's also a helpful tool for those who are rehabilitating a particular body part.

InBody tests are free for all PowerStart participants and all Fitness Center Members who work with a Personal Trainer monthly. Fitness Center Members may sign up for an InBody test for $30. InBody is only available to Fitness Center Members. After your test, a Personal Trainer will review the results and make recommendations for your fitness plan.


To prepare for your InBody test:

Make sure to:

  • Hydrate well the day before
  • Warm yourself up for 20 minutes prior to testing if testing in cold weather
  • Use the restroom prior to testing
  • Remove all jewelry, socks, pantyhose and shoes

Please avoid:

  • Consuming alcohol for 24 hours prior to testing
  • Exercising 6 – 12 hours prior to testing
  • Eating 3 – 4 hours prior to testing
  • InBody testing after a shower or sauna
  • Using lotion or ointment on hands or feet
  • Testing if you are pregnant, menstruating or have medical implants such as pacemakers and other life-sustaining medical devices