TRX Suspension Training

Ages 18+

By using your bodyweight as the machine and gravity as your resistance, TRX® Suspension Training activates more muscles in your body. Suspension training is fit for everyone.

Classes are offered as a monthly series and are exclusively for JCCSF Fitness Members.

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TRX Suspension Training

Get ready to build even more power, strength, flexibility and balance with our TRX® Suspension Training.

In 2022, the JCCSF Fitness Center is launching a monthly TRX® Suspension Training series with classes that meet every Thursday. Join a total of 8 fitness center members in this small group training experience for personalized training.


  1. Constantly engages your core to stabilize your body
  2. Improves your posture
  3. Relieves low back pain
  4. Builds muscle strength
  5. Increase cardiovascular capacity


Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
TRX Suspension Training 11:00 am – 11:50 am
June 2022


TRX Suspension Training with Jennifer K.

Thursdays, Jun 2 – Jun 30
11:00 am – 11:50 am
18 – 125
Get ready to build even more power, strength, flexibility and balance with our TRX Suspension Training.
$60 - Members Only


What do I need to know before taking a TRX® suspension training class?

  • Class fees are based on a full month and are structured to account for the occasional absence.
  • Some months a class might meet four times per month, others might meet five or possibly three times.
  • Please notify the instructor of injuries or medical conditions.
  • Be respectful of others and arrive to class on time. Late admittance may not be allowed, at instructor’s discretion.
  • Please store gym bags and purses in lockers.
  • Be respectful of other participants and refrain from excessive talking.
  • Please stay hydrated and bring water to class.

Payment & Refund Policy

  • Class fees are paid during registration.
  • Once payment is processed, fees are nonrefundable.
  • We do not offer makeup classes, refunds or credits for missed classes.

How do I purchase a TRX® suspension training class?

Classes for the following month will be open for registration by mid-month. Register though


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