• All members and guests must first check in at the Front Desk with their membership card upon entry. All guests will be asked to sign a guest waiver and show ID.
  • Behavior throughout the Fitness Center that adversely affects members and/or staff will be handled at the discretion of the JCCSF and could be cause for termination of membership. These may include, but are not limited to fighting, pushing, yelling, loud grunting, dirty play on the basketball court, and foul or abusive language.
  • Cell phone use and photography is prohibited in all locker rooms. Cell phones should be set to “silent” or “vibrate” within the rest of the Fitness Center. Please use cell phones in the lobby.
  • Use only what you need. Support the JCCSF’s green efforts by taking only the towels you need and reducing water consumption.
  • Please help us keep our Fitness Center clean:
    • Place used towels in designated bins.
    • Wipe down machines, mats, or fitness equipment after use.
    • Dispose of your trash and recycling in the designated receptacles.
  • Please be considerate and use deodorant when working out in the facility.
  • Please leave valuables at home or keep them with you. Do not leave cell phones or other devices unattended. The JCCSF is not responsible for items lost or reported stolen in the facility.

If you need assistance at any time, please ask a staff member.

Fitness Floor

  • For safety and security reasons, gym bags, purses or other bags are not allowed on the fitness floor.
  • Athletic attire is required, including shirts and closed-toe athletic shoes. No sandals, flip flops, or shoes with high heels. Black-soled shoes are prohibited in the group exercise room, mind-body studio and gymnasium.
  • Abrasive materials such as denim, zippers, or buttons are prohibited, as these items may cause damage to equipment pads.
  • Please allow others to work in when doing multiple sets on strength equipment. Do not rest on strength equipment between sets when others are waiting.
  • Please return free weights and other equipment to their proper place. Avoid dropping weights or leaning weights against walls, mirrors or machines.
  • When others are waiting for cardiovascular equipment, please observe a 30-minute limit.
  • Personal training services may only be provided by designated JCCSF staff trainers. Unauthorized personal training is strictly prohibited.
  • Food of any kind is prohibited on the fitness floor.
  • Water and other beverages must be contained in closed containers.

Know your body’s limits. Certified fitness trainers are available to provide you with a safe and effective exercise program.

Locker Rooms

  • Adult women’s and men’s locker rooms, sauna and shvitz (steam) room are open.
  • Adult locker rooms are for ages 13 and older. Children 36 months and younger are also permitted with adult supervision.
  • Family Changing Area is for families with children ages 3 to 12 years. Opposite gender caregivers may use the Family Changing Area to help members with disabilities.
  • Boys’ and Girls’ Shower and Changing Rooms are reserved for youth groups; see posted schedule. When unoccupied by youth groups, children with same-sex parent or caregiver are welcome.
  • Empty lockers each day. Overnight storage is not permitted in day-use lockers. Items left overnight will be removed. Inquire about rental lockers for overnight storage and/or laundry service.

Dry Sauna & Steam Rooms (Shvitz)

  • Consulting a physician prior to use is recommended.
  • Behavior deemed inappropriate by JCCSF staff is not allowed.
  • Ten-minute time limit is recommended.
  • Children under age 13 are not permitted.
  • Quiet in the sauna and shvitz is appreciated.
  • The following items could be harmful to equipment or members and guests, and are strictly prohibited: leaves, oils and newspapers.
  • No fragrances, spitting, shaving or urinating.
  • No tampering with the temperature sensors in the shvitz.
  • Please ask others in dry sauna before adding water to rocks.
  • Do not dry clothes in the sauna. Dry swimsuits in spinner near showers.
  • No athletic or street shoes allowed in the dry sauna.
  • No cell phones or electronic devices in the dry sauna or steam (shvitz) rooms.
  • People with health conditions should consult physician prior to use.

Group Exercise Room and Mind-Body Studio

  • Please notify the instructor of injuries or medical conditions.
  • Be respectful of others and arrive to class on time. If class is full, instructors reserve the right to turn participants away. Late admittance may not be allowed, at instructor’s discretion.
  • Shoes are not allowed in the Mind-Body Studio. Cubbies provided for shoes only. Please store gym bags and purses in lockers.
  • Shirts required at all times in any class.
  • Be respectful of other participants and refrain from excessive talking.
  • No sparring allowed.
  • Please stay hydrated and bring water to class.
  • Please wipe down sweat from mats and/or floor area before exiting room or studio.

Gallanter Family Aquatics Center

  • The Gallanter Family Aquatics Center is now open for laps, lessons, family swim and more.
  • Please shower before entering pools or hot tub.
  • No diving or running allowed.
  • Swimsuits are required in the pool and the hot tub area. Cut-off pants, gym trunks, underwear or see-through swim suits are not permitted.
  • There is a lifeguard on duty at all times while the Aquatics Center is open. Obey the lifeguard’s directions at all times. Please, no unnecessary conversation with the lifeguards while on duty.
  • No food and beverages at the pool, other than bottled water.
  • Absolutely no glass containers of any kind in the Aquatics Center.
  • Please follow all posted safety rules when using the pool and/or hot tub. Hot water immersion while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, drugs or medicines may lead to serious consequences and is not recommended. Long exposure may result in nausea, dehydration, dizziness or fainting. Elderly persons, pregnant women and those with heart conditions requiring medical care should consult with a physician before entering hot tub. For your health and safety, please limit time in hot tub to 10 minutes. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the hot tub.
  • Lane sharing is required when all lanes are full. Use a counter-clockwise circle pattern to accommodate all swimmers. Please refer to posted guidelines.
  • Lane lines are for safety only, or in case of an emergency.
  • Please return all pool accessories to their proper storage areas.
  • Children ages 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult (age 18+) at all times. Children ages 5 and younger must have an adult in the water within an arms-length at all times. One adult may supervise no more than 2 children ages 5 or younger. Children are not allowed to use lap pool or aqua fitness equipment. Children who are not toilet trained must wear diapers and a swimsuit. Use Family
  • Changing Area to change diapers.
  • Only Coast Guard-approved life vests are permitted. No other floatation devices or toys are allowed.
  • When returning to locker rooms from pool, use side entrances into the Women’s or Men’s Locker Rooms. Double glass doors are for returning to the Family Changing Area or the Boys’/Girls’ Locker Rooms.


  • JCCSF Fitness Center Members have access to the Gymnasium according to the monthly Open Gym schedule available in the Gymnasium, Fitness Center and Front Desk. Please note that the Open Gym schedule changes monthly.
  • Open Gym is available only to JCCSF Fitness Center Members.
  • To access the Gymnasium, first check in at the JCCSF Front Desk and enter through the Fitness Center.
  • If the public doors (northeast corner of the gymnasium) are closed, please do not prop them open or enter/leave the Gymnasium through them.
  • No food or drinks (including sports drinks) are allowed in the Gymnasium, except bottled water.
  • The equipment in the Gymnasium, including baskets, curtain and scoreboards, and closets, are to be operated by JCCSF staff only.
  • Members can request at the JCCSF Front Desk that one basket be lowered to 8 feet. For safety reasons, we do not leave lowered baskets unattended.
  • Please do not throw or kick balls (or any objects) against the walls (padded or not).
  • Exercise equipment, including weights, dumbbells or exercise balls, is not permitted in the Gymnasium.
  • When the full gymnasium is open, the west court must remain open for half-court games and children. The east court can be used for full-court games.
  • We cannot guarantee that a basket will be available during all Open Gym hours.
  • Children ages 12 and younger must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver when in the Gymnasium at all times.

One-Day Guest Passes

  • One-Day Guest Passes provide access to the JCCSF Fitness Center, locker room amenities, gymnasium and the Gallanter Family Aquatics Center. Guests can enjoy in and out privileges for that day.
  • Members can purchase One-Day Guest Passes at the Front Desk for $35 each when their guest is present or redeem 1,250 JCCSF Perk Points for two guest passes.
  • Non-Members who have never visited the JCCSF Fitness Center can purchase a One-Day Guest Pass at the Membership Office for $50 with a valid credit card that matches the name on the ID (no cash payments will be accepted) and must complete a facilities tour prior to purchase. We recommend that you make an appointment with our membership office prior to your visit. No passes will be sold outside of membership business hours.
  • Guests must bring the pass to Front Desk, fill out a waiver, and show valid ID.
  • Proof of vaccination is required to work out at the JCCSF Fitness Center.

30-Day Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests received by the JCCSF between the first calendar day of the month and the 25th of the month will become effective 1 month after the date of receipt. Resignation notices received on or after the 26th of the month will become effective on the last day of the following month.
Please keep in mind that you may temporarily suspend your membership for up to six months in a twelve month period by visiting our Member Services page.

Updated November 2023. Rules and policies subject to change.

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