Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Summer 2018 Update

Our Private and Semi-private lessons have limited space available at this time. Please contact if you are interested in scheduling single drop-in lessons as space becomes available. Otherwise, you are welcome to join our Private Interest List for lessons that are intended to be ongoing.

Private lessons at the JCCSF Swim School are taught by the same certified Aquatic Concepts® swim instructors that you and your children know and trust.

Deciding Between Group and Private?

Can we do both? Yes. Private swim lessons are an excellent complement to group lessons. Sometimes a little extra attention or a small technical fix can yield big results.

Can my child learn all they need in group lessons? Absolutely. Though any child would benefit from extra one-on-one instruction, our lesson groups are small, and our program is designed to give each student individual attention and to let them progress at their own pace.

What are the advantages of private and semi-private lessons? In private lessons, an instructor has only your child to consider, and they're entire focus is on developing your child's skills across all four major strokes. Semi-private lessons, limited to only two students, also allow instructors more one-on-one time with your child. And because there's more opportunity to take advantage of instructional props and exercises specific to a student's needs, private and semi-private sessions can give your child:

  • Greater confidence in the water 
  • The extra assistance needed to overcome a hurdle
  • A chance to process the lesson without distraction
  • The quickest possible way to make up for lost time and catch up to their age group


For more information about Private or Semi-Private lessons, please email