Pilates Instructors


Teaching Pilates at the JCCSF for over 8 years


  • Certificate Health and Fitness Specialist, California State University, Hayward
  • ACSM
  • NASM
  • Polestar Pilates Certification

I combine my background in personal training and rehabilitation with a compassionate and sensible approach to help clients realize the benefits of Pilates in their daily life. I suffered from debilitating spinal injuries at one time, but today I am an active golfer, bowler, gardener, dog owner and chef. I continue to educate myself and deepen my understanding of strengthening the back and core to support a dynamic and active lifestyle. Joint pain, scoliosis, osteoporosis, cancer and excess weight need not be permanent conditions, and all can be alleviated through Pilates to permit a fuller, happier life. 


Teaching Pilates for over 2 years
Practicing Pilates for over 27 years

  • Core Strengths Coaching Skills Certificate, San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning
  • BA, University of California, Santa Cruz, Theater Arts
  • MFA, San Francisco Art Institute, filmmaking, performance and expressive arts focus
  • NAFTA: National Aerobics and Fitness Trainers Association, Pilates Mat and Reformer Certification

I take a very holistic approach to teaching Pilates. Like Joseph Pilates, I grew up with debilitating allergies, anxiety and asthma, but found Pilates – through breath work and muscle toning – helped me combat those conditions to achieve long-lasting stability. I know firsthand that Pilates not only strengthens the core but improves mental health and immunity.


Practicing Pilates for over 20 years
Teaching Pilates for over 11 years


  • BM, Music Therapy, Florida State University
  • MA, Interdisciplinary Arts, San Francisco State University
  • Ellie Herman Certified Pilates
  • Pilates Rehabilitation Trainer
  • Pilates Arc Training

Pilates has given me the joy of vibrancy, flexibility and feeling centered. I love being able to share the physical and mental confidence I've gained from Pilates with others. By first focusing both physically and mentally on the smallest measure of movement and breath, one is able to progress towards one's final goal, whether that goal is pain-free movement or optimum athletic or artistic performance. My previous experience as an actor, dancer, musician and music therapist informs my work, and with each new client I develop a training program for their unique needs and desires.


Teaching Pilates for over 1 year
Practicing Pilates for over 5 years


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of California, San Francisco/San Francisco State University
  • BA, Dance, University of California, Irvine
  • Studio du Corps Certification Program
  • Licensed Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist I utilize Pilates as a movement-based rehabilitation program. Whether you are injured or not, Pilates is an invaluable tool to hone the neuromuscular and skeletal systems by increasing mobility, stability and body awareness. I combine my medical knowledge and my movement background to create a program that addresses clients' specific needs and goals to maximize their potential.


Teaching Pilates for over 1 year
Practicing Pilates for over 15 years


  • BA, Economics and Political Science, University of Chicago
  • Integrated Teacher Training (ITT) Pilates Program, Mat, Apparatus and Auxiliary with Jean Sullivan
  • Preggo Pilates Teacher Training
  • Myofacial Pilates Training
  • Sole to Spine Workshop

I've been active my entire life in various forms of movement from sports to dance and yoga.  I first started Pilates over 15 years ago as conditioning for dance and sports. When I worked in the corporate world, I practiced Pilates to stay healthy after hours sitting at my desk and on airplanes. Pulling from my experience, I create creative programs tailored to my students' needs. By emphasizing precision and body awareness, I help clients leave sessions feeling better than when they came in. 


Practicing Pilates for over 10 years
Teaching Pilates for over 8 years


  • BA, San Jose State University
  • Teaching Credential
  • MFCC program audit
  • ACE
  • AFAA
  • Registered Yoga Teacher

We can enhance our vitality and energy at any stage of life by practicing Pilates. Most of us work in a ‘box’, i.e. sit at a desk all day. We seldom need to reach up or twist around in our work life. Pilates allows our bodies to move and strengthen in a variety of patterns that get us out of the ‘box’. Pilates uses all of the components of mind-body exercise: introspection, breath and energy awareness, proprioceptive movement and reinforcement of body alignment. These combined into a movement routine enhance our wellness. I personally love the creativity that goes into combining the classic exercises into a routine for my clients. 


Practicing Pilates for over 14 years
Teaching Pilates for 9 years


  • BA, Dance, San Francisco State University
  • Power Pilates Certification

Pilates is all about moving with intention. When clients learn to move with intention their body and mind begin to function as a cohesive unit. Pilates helps clients get to a better place physically and emotionally so that they can do things in life with strength and grace, and that makes moving through this world easier. Pilates is also just a great way to increase strength and build confidence. I love helping clients to feel better in their body.


Practicing Pilates for over 14 years
Teaching Pilates for 5 years


  • BA, San Francisco State University
  • Certificate in Marketing, UC Berkeley
  • NAFTA: Pilates Mat Certification
  • Phi Pilates, Pilates Reformer Certification
  • Balletone Certification
  • Pilates Arc Training

Pilates is an exercise method that works the body from the inside out. Developing and activating the smaller muscles that are inside or hidden from view allows us to better support our organs and our skeletal structure. This helps keep our bodies healthier and enables us to do more, so we can lead active lifestyles free from pain and injury.


Practicing Pilates for over 10 years
Teaching Pilates for over 6 years


  • Pilates Teaching Certification
  • Yoga Teaching Certification
  • Aikido & Hapkido Teacher Certified
  • Guided Meditation and Spiritual Healing Teacher Certified
  • BA, Graphic Design, Cardiff College of Art & Newport college of Art and Design
  • Post Grad degree & Art Teachers certification, Brighton University
  • The Metaphysical center of San Francisco, NFSH Spiritual Healer, Teacher
  • ACE / NASM Fitness instructor

Teaching is my passion and I try to fill my classes with attitude, so clients can discover the joy of Pilates. For me Pilates is not only a physical practice but also a spiritual one. A strong center, a supple, powerful body, an alert and responsive mind are the benefits to my training. No matter how much I learn, I always approach each new day with a beginner's mind, continuing to expand my knowledge and learn as much from my students as they learn from me.


Teaching Pilates for over 1 year
Practicing Pilates for over 3 years


  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Tennessee
  • Balanced Body University, Pilates Mat and Reformer
  • Spinning Instructor
  • Group Exercise Instructor

I found Pilates after dealing with back problems and it has transformed my body, my mind, my whole life. As an instructor I enjoy sharing my passion and enthusiasm for Pilates and strive to help my clients achieve their own transformations. I work to instill a passion for physical and mental well-being and to encourage my clients to explore and embrace the principles of Pilates in everyday life.