Rabbi Batshir Torchio

Senior Jewish Educator

Jewish Life

Batshir Torchio is a rabbi, teacher, singer, ukulele and piano player, and oh so proud mother of a son and daughter – and of two supremely fluffy rescue dogs. In college at JTS in New York, Batshir discovered the writings of Rabbi Regina Jonas which catapulted her toward rabbinic ordination: “If I confess what motivated me, a woman, to become a rabbi, two things come to mind. My belief in God’s calling and my love of humans. God planted in us a cause without asking about gender.” (C.-V. Zeitung, June 23, 1938). Batshir was ordained at AJRCA in Los Angeles, where she learned with rabbis and scholars from across the broad spectrum of Jewish movements. She is moved by the translation and ownership of ancient ritual into contemporary meaning; to “make the old new, and the new, holy.” (Rav Kook) In addition to her role as Senior Jewish Educator at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, Batshir also guides tours through Israel and Poland, and is a life-cycle officiant, both locally and abroad.