Torah Portion of the Week

Ages 18+

A free weekly online Torah study class for adults. Enjoy the magic of the rest of the world falling away as we engage in deep discussions arising from Torah texts.

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Join us for the oldest book club in the world: Torah study. We read passages aloud together and pause frequently when Rabbi Me’irah stops us – to ask questions, ponder or give different points of view. We sharpen our perceptions of the world, of ethics, and gain a deepened Jewish perspective on life. You don’t need to be Jewish or read Hebrew or know anything about Judaism to join our discussions and enjoy.

We are a small, friendly group, and welcome you to drop in on Fridays from 12:00 – 1:00 pm.

To receive the Zoom link for this class, please email Shiva Schulz

Please give yourself a few minutes ahead of each session to connect to Zoom so we can all begin on time.

There is a line in Pirkei Avot, in regard to torah study, which says "Find yourself a teacher, get yourself a friend."  Rabbi Iliinsky has been that teacher for me. I had a friend with whom I attended her classes for many years until that friend passed away several years ago. But I have stayed with Rabbi Iliinsky and have learned much from her. I hope to be able to study more with her as the years march on.

Michael B.

Torah Portion of the Week Participant

Rabbi Me'irah has faithfully presented a class that I have attended for, I believe, three years. The rabbi presents the current parsha in homespun ways, bringing in her personal stories to make the section relevant.  Her outlook is broad and includes modern approaches of Jewish Renewal and Reconstruction which can add to my instinctive, conservative viewpoint.


Torah Portion of the Week Participant

I’ve been attending Rabbi Me’irah’s class since she started at the JCCSF, and unless I was away, I haven’t missed any. She’s a great teacher and often brings in her experience as a therapist, which adds an interesting angle to the learning. I hope to continue for many more years.

Pablo L.

Torah Portion of the Week Participant