Jewish Milestones Ritual Resource Lending Library

The JCCSF is proud to house The Jewish Milestones Ritual Resource Lending Library. The collection, which includes books, articles and ritual objects, is available to our extended community for ceremonial and educational purposes. All items may be borrowed free of charge, but donations are welcome and help maintain the collection as a resource for all.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Items

  • Sefer Torah
    Two Torah scrolls purchased through the generosity of many individual donors, each covered with decorative mantles made by textile artist Nancy Katz.

  • Portable Ark
    A handcrafted cabinet with wooden inlay, used to house the Torah scroll when it is not in use. Commissioned for Jewish Milestones through the generosity of Don and Janie Friend, Dan Oppenheimer and Sarah Tunik, Robert and Catherine Trachtenberg. May be borrowed with or without the Torah.

  • Yad
    A hand-shaped pointer for Torah reading. Available in silver, pewter and ceramic.

  • Shtender
    A tabletop bookstand used to keep a prayer book open in front of the service leader. Available in metal filigree.

  • Siddurim
    Single copies of a variety of prayer books, including multiple copies of Marcia Prager’s Siddur for Shabbat Morning and Chaim Stern’s Paths of Faith: The New Jewish Prayer Book for Weekdays, Shabbat, Festivals and Other Occasions available for group services.

  • Kippot/Yarmulkes
    Ritual head coverings. Multiples available in silk, suede or crochet.

  • Tallitot/Tallesim
    Ritual prayer shawls. Available in silk and wool.

Wedding Items

  • Huppah
    Cloth canopy held up by four poles used for Jewish wedding ceremonies. Available in a variety of textiles and with wood or metal poles. For additional huppahs, visit Dayenu gift shop, located on the first floor of the JCCSF.

  • Communal Wedding Ring
    Three dimensional pewter replica in the shape of a house, a symbolic reminder of the home that the couple will create together following their wedding.

  • Kiddush Cups
    Ceremonial wine goblets available in silver, pewter, and glass, and one silver-plated replica of a double cup.

Holiday Items

  • Shofar
    Ram’s horn blown on the Jewish High Holy Days. Hand crafted by Bay Area artist Maurice Kamins.

  • Hanukkiyah
    Silver-plated candelabra with nine holders for candles used to celebrate Hanukkah.

  • Seder Plate
    Engraved decorative metal plate with spaces to display the symbolic foods used during the Passover ceremonial meal.

  • Haggadot
    A book used at a Passover seder. Multiple copies of A Different Night: The Family Participation Haggadah by Noam Zion and David Dishon are available.

Additional Items

  • Tzedakkah box
    Inlaid olive wood decorative box for collecting money to be donated to those in need.

  • Netilat Yadayim Cup
    Two-handled cup for ritual hand washing. Available in ceramic.

  • Ner Zikaron
    Memorial candleholder for the homes of mourners and for memorial services. Available in ceramic.

Many items are on display in the Swig Family Beit Midrash on the second floor of the JCCSF and can be viewed during regular business hours.

For more information, to reserve items or to make a donation, please contact Sarah Ffinch at 415.292.1279 or