Mo Graham

Assistant Site Director – Rosenberg Early Childhood Center

Youth & Family

Mo Graham has been at Rosenberg since 2016, where she is excited to practice Reggio Emilia-inspired co-inquiry learning. She has worked in a range of educational environments in the last fifteen years, including mixed aged preschools, art driven programs and Reggio Emilia-inspired schools. As an emancipated foster youth, Mo understands the importance of civic engagement and is active in her community. In the past, she has served on a grants committee, volunteered at a foster youth organization and a mother rehabilitation center, mentored undergrad CAD students on their graduating thesis, and has presented at several early childhood conferences in the Bay Area. Currently, Mo is the Secretary Board Member for the SFSU Pi Alpha Alpha chapter, and consults with Gan Shalom preschool on their program’s inquiry project-based approach. A native to the San Francisco Bay Area, Mo is married to her high school sweetheart. They live in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco with their daughter and two cats.