Kelly Dotson

Senior Site Director – Rosenberg Early Childhood Center

Youth & Family

Kelly has been the Site Director at Rosenberg since 2013. In 2018 she was promoted to Senior Site Director for the JCCSF ECE Programs where she oversees professional development, policies and procedures for all three sites. Prior to working at the JCCSF, Kelly started and managed the Children’s Campus at San Francisco State, caring for children ages 0 – 5 and providing a laboratory school for students at the university to learn directly from children. While on campus she also taught several courses in Early Childhood.  Kelly served on the Child Care Planning Council of San Francisco for four years, representing District 1 and serving on the Workforce Committee to help strengthen and support the early childhood workforce in the city. She still participates in the monthly meetings providing insight and looking for opportunities for the JCCSF to stay involved in ECE advocacy.

Kelly believes that children learn through their active engagement with the environment. She embraces the Reggio-Emilia philosophy because of their image of the child as a powerful and curious being and the role of the teacher as a researcher, observer, and guide of learning. This combined with the values-based education Jewish culture provides an optimal environment for children’s learning. Kelly and her son Bodhi live in San Francisco and can often be found hiking around Lands End.