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Jhos Singer


Jewish Life

Jhos Singer is a gifted preacher, storyteller, pastoral counselor, chef, mixologist, and musician. He skillfully translates Torah and Jewish tradition into dynamic, accessible, relevant, and compelling ideas, provocative stories, and delicious cocktails. In one hand he holds a BA in Music from UCLA and an MA in Jewish Studies from the Graduate Theological Union—and in the other he wields a drum, spoon, and a dictionary of Talmudic Hebrew. He was ordained as a Maggid (a Jewish spiritualist) by Rabbi Gershon Winkler in 2002. He connects traditional rabbinic wisdom to our modern lives—interweaving contemporary dilemmas and problems with Judaism’s ancient insights and solutions.

In addition to his work as the Maggid of the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco he is also a congregational leader at Chochmat HaLev in Berkeley; He is a SVARA teaching fellow, and he writes and teaches in the Bay Area and nationally; His teaching can also be found as an ELItalk.