Craig Salgado

Chief Operating Officer

Leadership Team

A fourth-generation San Franciscan, Craig Salgado studied English at SF State but jokes that two decades working at the JCCSF has earned him an MBA in JCCSF Studies. Over the years Craig has helped drive major change at the JCCSF, from the planning and design of the current building to overseeing key program areas, particularly in youth.

As JCCSF Director of Athletics, Aquatics and Customer Service, he led the development of the premier youth sports program in the city and played a leadership role in the hosting of the 2009 JCC Maccabi Games®. He also led the rebuilding and launch of what has become a highly successful Swim School program, which teaches more than 1200 children how to swim each week.

Craig’s ties to the JCCSF go way back. His grandmother was a secretary here in the 1930s, and his mother served on the JCCSF Board of Directors in the 1970s.

When Craig was a boy this was where he played sports, went to summer camp and learned to swim. Fittingly, he believes that relationships are at the heart of the JCCSF. “How we connect and engage with each other as a community,” he says, “influences everything we do.” As Chief Operating Officer, he wants everyone who comes to the JCCSF to have an engaging and meaningful experience here.

He loves to play golf, watch sports and spend time with friends and family, especially his nephews Noah and Micah, who (like their uncle once did) learned to swim at the JCCSF.

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