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Ages 4 – 8

JCCSF Microsoccer is where fun meets fundamentals. Our coaches teach skills like communication and teamwork that kids can use on and off the field through weekly drill-based practices and games.

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kids playing soccer on a sunny field

The JCCSF is teaming up with the SF Vikings Microsoccer League to be a part of the Fall 2024 season. Create or join a JCCSF team to gain all the benefits of SF Vikings Microsoccer and more!

Benefits of JCCSF Team Sports:

  • All administration is taken care by JCCSF staff
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable JCCSF coaches for each team
  • JCCSF uniforms, practice fields & equipment provided

Our athletic programs include educational components that teach players to display character and integrity, becoming leaders in their community. Through teamwork, young people learn skills that build confident, resilient and effective individuals who succeed in sports and life.

kids and coach playing soccer on a sunny field
kid kicking a soccer ball on a field

Fall 2024 Microsoccer Season

Open to grades PreK – 1 (ages 4 – 8 as of September 14)

Come with a complete team (13 players max) or join as a free agent

Soccer Rates

Public: $390 per athlete. Members receive 10% discount

** Cost includes JCCSF trained coaching staff, administrative support, SF Vikings registration fees, field reservations (practice and games), uniforms and practice equipment

Season dates (subject to change): Early September – November 2, 2024


For the Fall 2024 Microsoccer Season, complete the New Team Information Form, or if your child wants to be placed as a free agent contact Noah Simon at

Team/Individual applications are being reviewed by the Athletics Department. Once an application is reviewed and approved, Athletics Department Staff will contact applicants regarding the registration process.

Official League Policies and Procedures

SF Vikings Microsoccer Rules and Regulations

Financial assistance is available. If applying for financial assistance please contact Noah Simon to register.


League Organization and Team Placement

All JCCSF coaches will be hired through the Athletics Department. We do not allow parent coached teams

Priority placement will be given to teams/ team parents who have been involved in past JCCSF Sports League programs (JCCSF Basketball League as of 2022)

The JCCSF works in partnership with SF Vikings/ Microsoccer around areas regarding ALL league organization and ALL team placement decisions. All efforts will be made to address the needs of our teams within the boundaries of SF Vikings/ Microsoccer policies and procedures.

The JCCSF reserves the right for final outcomes regarding ALL league organization and ALL team placement decisions.


Are you ready to give youth soccer coaching a shot? We’ve got the players, now all we need is you! Grab a clipboard and get ready to huddle up – it’s time for some fun and fundamentals! During the season, teams from grades K – 1 practice during the week with games on weekends. Never coached before? No problem! Training is provided by our Athletics program staff.

Interested in joining our team? Apply for a Youth Sports Coach – Soccer position.

Youth Microsoccer League FAQ

What is SF Vikings Micosoccer?

Microsoccer is a recreational form of soccer for those either just getting into the sport looking to progress their skills for grades Pre-K – 1.

Teams or Individuals join the JCCSF to practice and play in the SF Vikings Microsoccer league, which spans all of San Francisco with over 400 teams.

Visit SF Vikings Microsoccer website for more details.

Who is eligible to participate in the league?

The season is open to boys and girls in grades Pre-K – 1 who are eager to learn and play soccer (coed teams available)

What are the league divisions?

SF Vikings Microsoccer is divided into 3 divisions:

  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Grades 2 and up are not permitted to participate in Microsoccer

How are teams formed?

Team parents create their teams of the same grade and submit information on the New Team Application. 10-player roster minimum, 13-player roster maximum.

If you have a partial team, short of the minimum required players, the JCCSF can help recruit players to meet the requirements. Often times, other partial teams register with the JCCSF and we can combine groups to make a full team.

Please note that if your team does not meet the minimum or maximum requirement, the JCCSF reserves the right to add players.

What if I don’t have a team? Can I join as an individual?

Absolutely! One of our top priorities is to find a team for any individual who wants to play soccer but does not have a team to play with. We often have partial teams or full teams short of the maximum roster where we can place individual players.

If I apply for my athlete as an individual, will they be guaranteed placement on a team?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that an individual will be placed on a team. Players must play in the age division according to their date of birth, so the JCCSF must have a corresponding team in the individual player’s age division in order to be able to place them on a team. If the JCCSF is not able to place a player on a team, a full refund will be issued.

What is the registration process?

The registration process involves submitting an application for New Team or Free Agent/Individual, in which the Athletic Department will review for submission into the season.

Once/if approved into the season, those selected teams will hear back from the Athletic Program Manager with steps proceeding into the registration process.

Registration is set to commence in mid-April 2024. All official registrations in SF Vikings Microsoccer will then be handled by JCCSF Athletics Department.

All teams that have submitted applications will receive specific date details sometime between the end of March and the start of April.


Everything About Practices

Where are practices held?

JCCSF teams request fields from SF Vikings as close to the JCCSF as possible. The JCCSF will submit a field request to SF Vikings/San Francisco Recreation and Park for Monday – Friday from 3:00 – 6:00 pm.

The JCCSF CANNOT guarantee a field space/day/time. All field allocations are managed by SF Vikings with San Francisco Recreation and Park for the entire Fall 2024 Soccer season. This is an incredibly high-demand time of year for field space. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility with the fields JCCSF is allotted through this process.

How often do teams practice?

Every team that plays through the Microsoccer Leagues is allocated one hour a week of field space by SF Vikings/San Francisco Rec and Park.

When will the team know their practice schedule?

San Francisco Rec and Park handles field assignments for over 400 teams. The practice schedule is generally announced in mid-August, about 10-days to 2-weeks prior to the start of the season.  This is the same process for all soccer teams playing in the Micro and SF Youth Soccer leagues.

When and where are games played? When will the team know their game schedule?

Games occur on Saturdays at either Marina Green Field or Little Rec Field in San Francisco. Field requests are not possible per SF Vikings policies.

Game days consist of two simultaneous 4v4 games (8 players from each team play at a time), refereed by coaches.

Microsoccer releases the full game schedule at the beginning of the season, about a week prior to the first game. The schedule is made by the Microsoccer Leagues, so we follow their release schedule.

How are coaches assigned to teams?

The Athletic Department will hire, train and assign at least one coach per team.

Coach assignments are made once the practice schedule is created. Teams are generally contacted by their coach the week prior to the first practice.

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