The Fitness Center will open for in-person activities on March 8. Make a reservation and see details. Online classes available.

Access Online Classes FAQ

Policies & FAQs Access Online Classes FAQ

For the best experience, please use Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop computer when accessing

How Do I Take an Online Class?

  1. Login to your Account
    Visit and login using the email you use for JCCSF membership and programs.
    Not sure if you have an Account or need more help? Visit our Account Login page.
    JCCSF Login screen
  2.  View Classes in Online Programs
    Once you’re logged in, select “Online Programs” to see a selection of upcoming live classes.
    Online Programs screenshot
  3.  Browse the Online Class Schedule
    Ready to join? Just click on a live class or save an upcoming class to your calendar. You can even save classes to your Favorites list by selecting the heart in the top right corner of the class. If you’re joining on mobile, you will have an option to join the class using the Zoom app.
    Upcoming classes screenshot

Audio & Video Troubleshooting

For problems with audio and video, here are a couple of tricks.

  1. Make sure your browser is up-to-date

    Depending on the version, some of the content might be having trouble rendering. Upgrading helps take advantage of browser’s newest features, ranging from security to compatibility across the web.

  2. Enable cookies

    These can feel invasive! But they help us ensure a smooth experience on the website. We use cookies to correctly display content to the user and communicate back and forth with our database. There might be a small image of an eye with a line through it in the address bar.

    Click that icon and the settings should allow you to enable cookies, or allow cookies, while on our website.

On Demand Fitness Classes

Get fit on your schedule. To start, we’ve curated 50+ classes for members to access, whenever you want. Just click On Demand, select your class and click play. More will be added each week.


Need more help?

If you are unable to access online classed and are having technical difficulties, please contact us. We are available to help you during our operating hours or online by contacting