JCCSF Dance School

The JCCSF Dance School encourages a love for dance and movement in a positive, safe and nurturing environment. We emphasize the total development of each child socially, mentally and physically. Convenient class times – and over 30 classes per week – make it easy to find the class that works for your child and your schedule. Students as young as two and a half can learn to dance with us, and grow up in our Dance School. Boys and girls are welcome to join.            

JCCSF Dance School Philosophy

Integrating Dance with Childhood
At the JCCSF we believe learning to dance enables children to grow and participate in a positive activity. Each child, regardless of skill level, can embrace dance as a journey and use it to express themselves as creative individuals.

Dance classes provide children with social awareness through cooperation and interaction with others as they begin to learn how to move and communicate in a group setting by following, leading, becoming conscious of personal space, and sharing.

When children utilize their entire bodies through movement, dance becomes a physical outlet that also increases their flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and gross and fine motor skills.

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Toddler & Preschool Dance

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Kindergarten &
School-Age Dance 

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For more information contact Suzy Palmer at 415.292.1221 or spalmer@jccsf.org.