Starting November 1, more than 500 San Francisco children will have the opportunity to learn to swim at the JCCSF

SAN FRANCISCO (October 19, 2021) — Today, Paul Geduldig, CEO of the JCCSF announced the reopening of the JCCSF’s Gallanter Family Aquatics Center, which closed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequently underwent a 12-month renovation project. Featuring a 25-yard lap pool, a warm-water recreation pool, and a heated spa, the new and improved aquatics center has a brand-new dehumidifier, enhancing the air filtration and increasing the air flow, ensuring a safe environment for swimmers of all ages. The renovation also includes cosmetic improvements, such as upgrades to the 18-year-old facility’s lighting and acoustics. While the JCCSF has been open and operating since preschool and camps returned in Summer of 2020, the reopening of The Gallanter Family Aquatics Center indicates a big step towards the JCCSF providing even more opportunities to connect in-person. JCCSF Fitness Center Members can visit the aquatics center starting Monday, October 25, 2021, and it will open to the general public on Monday, November 1, 2021, when swim lessons and Family Swim begins.

As one of San Francisco’s leading aquatic centers, the JCCSF—at its peak—serves more than 1,300 kids each week in its pools. After the pandemic caused many indoor pools to close, the reopening of the Gallanter Family Aquatics Center will increase the opportunity for children across San Francisco to return to the water and learn to swim.

“Having learned to swim at a JCC when I was young, I know first-hand how this life skill is not only lifesaving, but is also vital to maintaining a long, healthy life. I am grateful to our supporters who enable us to improve the JCCSF’s programs and facilities, so that we can continue to serve the San Francisco community,” says Geduldig. “The reopening of the aquatics center offers our neighbors the opportunity to connect with the community at the JCCSF, while the improvements are key to an enhanced experience. We look forward to welcoming families and swimmers of all-ages back to the Gallanter Family Aquatics Center this fall as they create new memories in the water.”

The JCCSF offers a wide variety of swim lessons, exercise classes, and activities for new and experienced swimmers, including the popular Aquafit classes and family swim time. Fitness Center Members receive complimentary access to the Gallanter Family Aquatics Center—including Family Swim—and discounted rates for the JCCSF Swim School. Registration for the JCCSF Swim School is open now, with group lessons available for ages 6 months to 12 years. Family Swim is $20-$30 for up to 4 people. For more information, visit

The renovation was made possible by a generous grant from Linda and Sandy Gallanter. The JCCSF’s aquatics center is one of its most in-demand facilities, operating 18 hours a day, 362 days a year, for the last 18 years. The upgrades to the facility will enable the JCCSF to serve more than 500 kids per week, with the capacity to expand to more than 1,300. From Water Babies classes and lap swimming, to triathlon training and recovery in the hot tub, swimmers of all ages enjoy the facility for recreation, fitness, or skill building.

“Through working with the Jewish Community Centers Association in the late 1990’s, I learned how important the JCCSF was to the community,” said Sandy and Linda Gallanter. “At that time, dedicated community leaders acted to save the then struggling JCCSF, and rebuilt it as one of the leading JCCs in the county. Now, as we all work to overcome the challenges of the pandemic, the JCCSF remains an essential institution that is there for everyone. The aquatics center is a key part of that.”

The new dehumidifier has increased air circulation in the Gallanter Family Aquatics Center, upgraded from 3 ACH (air exchanges per hour) to 6 ACH, which is two more than the required minimum for indoor pools. Additionally, the air filtration increased from MERV 8 to the medical grade MERV 13, which is the required level to capture air particles that transmit viruses, including COVID-19.

To further ensure the safety of all swimmers and staff, all of the JCCSF’s Aquatics staff are fully vaccinated. JCCSF Swim School class sizes will be limited and the class schedule will ensure the aquatics center does not exceed a maximum of 32 people in the recreation pool at one time including students and instructors. For more information about the safety precautions, visit

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