Swim School Policies, Processes & Practices

Welcome to the JCCSF Swim School. We hope that you enjoy your experience in the program. If you have any questions regarding your class or these policies, please contact us at 415.292.1200 or email support@jccsf.org. Please also be sure to review our JCCSF Swim School Payment Authorization & Program Policies below.

JCCSF Swim School Processes and Practices


Class scheduling is handled online through My Account on the JCCSF website or by the JCCSF Aquatics Office.

Class fees are based on a full month of classes, regardless of the day or time of the class.

  • Some months a class might meet four times per month, others might meet five or possibly three times.
  • Over the course of time we expect all class sessions will meet an equal amount of time, averaging about four classes a month.

In the event of a pool closure that forces a class cancelation, we can offer (at the discretion of the JCCSF Aquatics Department) one of the following options (Note: A class cancelation is defined as a class not occurring. Classes may be moved to different section or different pools to avoid cancelation):

  • Credit for the canceled class
  • An Open Swim Guest Pass

The JCCSF may in its sole discretion and without liability to the participant, change or cancel specific class sessions at any time. In the even of change or cancelation of specific class sessions, all reasonable attempts will be made to find another class session for your child.


Families whose children are signed up on class waitlists will be notified by email as spaces become available specifically open for them.

  • Each child may be listed on up to 3 class waitlists.
  • When a parent or guardian is notified by email about an opening in the class for which they are waitlisted, a reply confirming acceptance of the spot is required within 24 hours.
  • If no reply is received within 24 hours, you will be removed from that particular class’ waitlist and the spot will be offered automatically by email to the next family waitlisted for that spot. If a family replies that they do not want the spot, they are taken off that particular class’ waitlist.

Class Participant Pool Policies

In the JCCSF Swim School teaching model:

  • Each student progresses through the levels at their own pace. Once enrolled, the JCCSF Deck Coordinators and/or Aquatics Office Staff will advise parents when it is time for their child to advance to the next level.
  • As students progress through the levels, their class time/day might shift. Our Aquatics Staff will work with you to maintain a class time that works with your schedule. You are also able to view the complete Swim School schedule online through My Account at the JCCSF website.
  • All swim Instructors are trained by experienced and certified Aquatics professionals with a constant and proven teaching model. Each instructor teaches the skills by class in the same way and in the same order.
    • We make every attempt to maintain a consistent staff schedule but there are various factors that will result in instructor changes or occasional substitute instructors. Thank you for your understanding.

A parent or caretaker (over the age of 18) of children age 12 or younger must stay on the pool bleachers during class time for child supervision.
We have five locker rooms: women’s, men’s, girls, boys and family. Only children age 36 months and younger are allowed to use the adult locker rooms. In the adult locker rooms, an adult must accompany children at all times.

  • Please use the girl’s, boy’s and family locker rooms for children older than 36 months.
  • Please take strollers and personal belongings to the poolside. We strongly encourage all guests to leave valuables at home. The JCCSF assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items left unattended.

After changing, participants should then check in with the Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator will check you in and guide you to your class section. The Program Coordinator can also help parents understand our program levels and guide you through them.

We hope that you enjoy your experience at the JCCSF Swim School!

JCCSF Swim School Payment Authorization & Program Policies


Swim School Class fees are paid during registration and continue monthly on or about the second business day of the month until registration is cancelled.

  • Participants will be charged monthly either to a credit card, debit card or ACH/eCheck on file with the JCCSF.
  • Once payment is processed, fees are nonrefundable and participant enrollment is continuous until a cancel notice is received.
  • We do not offer makeup classes, refunds or credits for missed classes.
  • We do not offer refunds or other accommodations for registrations into the wrong class level. Please contact the Aquatics office if you are unsure of level placement.

Withdrawal Policy

In order to withdraw from lessons and stop payment, participants must provide written notice to the Aquatics Office no later than the end of your last class of the month.

Acceptable forms of written notice are either an email to support@jccsf.org or submitting a change form addressed to Aquatics Department

Please include the child’s name, class level, day and time when submitting your withdrawal notice

Acknowledgement & Authorization

By registering into the JCCSF Swim School & Aquatics program, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the Swim School Class Policies including: Payment, Cancelation and Refund, Registration, Scheduling, Waitlist and Participant Pool Policies. You also understand that your registration is contingent upon completion and receipt of payment confirmation and completion of the JCCSF Activities Consent and Release of Liability Waiver.

You authorize the JCCSF to initiate a charge to the credit or debit card linked to this registration for Swim School payments. This authorization is to remain in effect until the JCCSF Aquatics Department has received written notice from me of its termination. You have the right to stop payment on an ACH/eCheck debit by notifying my bank. This, however, does not void your contract with the JCCSF Swim School to fulfil my payment commitment and you are obligated to pay by some other method. The processing date for debit cards may vary due to banking procedures, and if charges are returned, they will be subject to a late fee.

Updated July 2021. Rules and policies subject to change.

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