New Normal, New Rules

Spring 2023 looked a lot different than spring 2020, and for that we are grateful. At the JCCSF we carefully followed the guidance of State and San Francisco health departments to protect ourselves and the community at large. That meant evolving requirements around masks and vaccinations, once they were available. In March 2023, the State of California announced the end the COVID-19 state of emergency and beginning on April 3, the California state health department eliminated all mask and vaccine mandates, including in health care settings. Accordingly, starting May 15 the JCCSF no longer requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Being vaccinated is important and the JCCSF will continue to encourage it. At this stage of the pandemic, being vaccinated is an individual choice as the main benefit is in protecting the individual from greater illness – much like the annual influenza vaccine.

This is an important milestone that we have looked forward to reaching since 2020. We are proud and grateful for our community who rallied together and took the necessary precautions to create a safe communal environment.