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Mix it Up (3 – 5)

Campers participate in a mix of indoor and outdoor activities like art, STEAM, nature, sports, park field trips and swimming.

Bay Area Adventurers

Explore the incredible natural beauty of the Bay Area with excursions to Tilden Park, Muir Woods, Tennessee Valley, Lafayette Reservoir, Redwood National Park.

The Restaurant (3 – 5)

Campers fold it all together as they design and stage a restaurant, create menus and cook. Families are invited to attend the restaurant on the last Friday of Camp.

Eco Adventurers

Campers hike and explore the great outdoors while learning about environmental justice and conservation.

Rock Band

Campers turn it up to eleven as they learn to play different musical instruments like the guitar and drums.

International Sports

A field is a pitch and a huddle is a scrum. Campers play a mix of touch rugby, field hockey and netball.


Campers work in teams to treasure hunt throughout different destinations like the Presidio, and end their last week by planning a geocaching adventure for each other.

All-Star Chefs

Everyone’s a winner in this kid-friendly take on “Top Chef” where campers hone their culinary skills.

Animation (3 – 5)

Campers bring their artistic imaginations to life with animation projects like cartooning, stop-motion, flipbooks and video.

Olympic Games

The spirit of the Olympics comes to the JCCSF with a mix of flag rugby, basketball, futsal, volleyball and swimming. Includes a trip to a Giants game at Oracle Park!