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Urban Sports (1 – 2)

Campers team up to play some group sports favorites like ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, flag football and more.

Basketball (1 – 2)

Campers hoop it up on the hardwood as they learn the basics of team basketball including dribbling, passing and shooting.

Songs & Stage

Campers hit all the right notes as they learn to sing, read music and develop stage presence as part of an ensemble.

Hip-Hop (1 – 2)

Campers pop and lock and drop it like it’s hot as they learn basic choreographed hip-hop dance moves.

Dance It Up (1 – 2)

Campers get their groove on each day as they learn a new dance style followed by an end-of-the-week performance.

Rock Band Jr.

Campers turn it up to eleven as they learn to play different musical instruments like the guitar and drums.

Forest School (1 – 2)

Campers become one with nature as they take trips to the Presidio and explore the great outdoors right here in SF.

Nature Navigators

Campers connect with nature as they go on walks, observe animals, identify plants, make pinecone art and much more.

Pottery (1 – 2)

Campers get their hands dirty as they craft clay creations that are kiln-fired before they are proudly displayed at home.

Art Adventures

Campers create a fridge-worthy portfolio of projects like watercolor paintings, something drawings and Playdoh sculptures.