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How can I check room availability? 
Visit our contact us page to inquire about availability. Please be prepared with the number of people attending your event and the set up you’re envisioning. This will help us determine which of our 15 rooms is most appropriate for your needs.

Do you rent rooms by the hour?
We have a flat fee for the rental of our rooms, with an eight hour maximum. This fee includes tables, chairs, set up and breakdown. You can view our room rates here.

Where can my guests park?
Our underground parking garage accommodates 150 cars. Parking is on a first come first serve basis.

Do you have an on-site kitchen?
The JCCSF has three kitchens: a standard non-kosher kitchen, a kosher meat kitchen under rabbinic supervision and a dairy kitchen. Non-preferred caterers may use our kitchens for an additional fee. Our kitchens are also available for those interested in renting at an hourly rate. Click the Preferred Caterers pdf on the sidebar.

Do you require an event planner for large events?
No, we do not require one. We do recommend there be a primary point of contact on the day large events take place. Someone from our staff will be on-hand the day of your event as well.

Where can I find more information on the technical specifications for Kanbar Hall’s theater?
You can find more information on our Theater Technical and Rental Information page.