Dwell in Joy

Sukkot, a seven-day holiday that begins four days after Yom Kippur, celebrates the harvest and serves as a reminder of the time when the ancient Israelites lived in the wilderness after escaping Egyptian slavery. Building sukkot (temporary huts) to eat and even live in evokes that time. The tradition of displaying four species of plants native to the Middle East (date palm, citron, myrtle and willow) draws the connection to the harvest and the land.

Enjoy our Sukkah Lounge & Garden during Sukkot. View the full schedule of events.

Sukkot Garden & Lounge Jhos' Sukkot Cocktail
Dwell in Joy in the JCCSF Sukkah Lounge & Garden Try Jhos' Famous Etrog Cocktail

This year Sukkot begins sunset October 4, to nightfall on October 11, 2017. The JCCSF is closed October 5.