Youth Sports Coaches

New and Veteran Coaches Welcome

JCCSF Youth Sports coaches are fun, positive and passionate individuals that make a difference in the life of a child and give back to the community while gaining valuable leadership experience. The JCCSF welcomes new and veteran coaches for our soccer, basketball and baseball programs.

Making a Difference

JCCSF Youth Sports coaches are mentors who impact a child's life by teaching them vital life skills, including friendship, fairness, teamwork and resilience.

Building Community

JCCSF Youth Sports coaches are an important part of the JCCSF Youth Sports family – an awesome group of individuals dedicated to fun, friendship and learning through sports.

Fully Supported

JCCSF Youth Sports coaches are fully supported so they can focus on coaching. The JCCSF Youth Sports staff takes care of all logistics, including practice locations, equipment, registration and scheduling.

Set up for Success

New coaches thrive in the JCCSF Youth Sports program. The JCCSF Coaching Academy sets its coaches up for success with workshops, clinics, classes and forums that give you the skills to succeed.

Interested in becoming a JCCSF Youth Sports coach? Paid and volunteer positions are available.
For more information contact Athletic Program Manager
Sheena Lister at or 415.292.1231.