2015 Fall Soccer FAQ

What does it mean to register as a team?

Micro and SF Youth Soccer League require roster minimums. The minimum required number of players is different for each age group and increases as teams get older and play on bigger fields. Click here for a chart of minimum and maximum roster requirements.

If you have a partial team, short of the minimum required players, the JCCSF can help recruit players to meet the requirements. Often times, other partial teams register with the JCCSF and we can combine groups to make a full team.

Please note that if your team does not meet the minimum or maximum requirement, the JCCSF reserves the right to add players. 

What does it mean to register as an individual?

One of our top priorities is to find a team for any individual who wants to play soccer but does not have a team to play with. We often have partial teams or full teams short of the maximum roster where we can place individual players.

If I am registering my athlete as an individual, is there a guarantee he/she will be placed on a team?

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that an individual will be placed on a team. Players must play in the age division according to their date of birth so the JCCSF must have a corresponding team in the individual player's age division in order to be able to place them on a team. If the JCCSF is not able to place a player on a team, a full refund will be issued.

Can JCCSF non-members sign up to play?

Absolutely. All players are welcome to play on JCCSF teams.

How much does the season cost?

The fees to play soccer on a JCCSF team are $385 for JCCSF members and $405 for the public. These fees cover Micro/SF Youth Soccer league fees, league coordination and registration, coaching, uniforms, equipment, practices, games, end-of-season celebration and team management and administration.

What is the refund policy?

At point of registration, full payment is required. The full fee is refundable minus a $35 processing fee if a player decides to withdraw before the withdraw date (May 2 SFYS; May 24 Micro Soccer) . After that, 50% of the full fee is refundable up until 1 week before practices begin. After that, a refund will not be issued – no exceptions.

When will the team know their practice schedule?

The practice schedule is generally announced in mid-August, about 10 days to 2 weeks prior to the start of the season. San Francisco Rec and Park handles field assignments for over 400 teams. They generally notify us of our fields in mid-August. This is the same process for all soccer teams playing in the Micro and SF Youth Soccer leagues.

When will the team know their game schedule?

The game schedule is generally announced about a week prior to the first game. The schedule is made by the Micro & SF Youth Soccer Leagues so we hard held to their release schedule.

SF Youth Soccer  releases the schedule for the first 4-5 weeks, then review game results and create the schedule for the remaining weeks. They do this in an effort to make a more competitively balanced schedule for all teams.

SF Youth Soccer U10 and older teams finish the season with a 2-3 week tournament, schedule to be released just prior to the first week of the tournament.

Micro Soccer releases the full game schedule at the beginning of the season.

When do practices begin and end?

Practices begin the last week in August and continue until the week prior to the final game. Sometimes, based on when the final game happens, teams have a last practice after their final game to finish the season with a fun session. This depends on the game schedule. The week of November 10 is the absolute last week teams can practice.

When do games begin and end?

SF Youth Soccer teams are expected to begin the season September 5 and finish no later than November 14.

Micro teams are expected to begin the season September 12 or 19 and finish no later than November 14.

Where are practices held?

JCCSF teams have traditionally practiced at Rossi Field, Laurel Hill Playground, Julius Kahn Playground, Hamilton Field, Kimball Field, Marina Green and other select fields north of Golden Gate Park. Visit www.jccsf.org/fields for more information about these locations.

The JCCSF will submit a field request to San Francisco Recreation and Park for day, time and field. The JCCSF takes requests about day and time from full teams, but due to the complications of field allocation, we do not take field requests. Further, the JCCSF prefers our teams practice at the same fields to make logistics and team management and coach oversight easier.

How often do teams practice?

Every team that plays through the Micro & SF Youth Soccer Leagues is allocated one hour of field space by San Francisco Recreation and Park. Older teams (U12 and above) are allocated 90 minutes of practice time and have the opportunity to request a second 90-minute practice allocation.

Where are games played?

SF Vikings games are played at fields all over the city as determined by the SF Vikings League. Visit http://www.sfvikings.com/schedule/fields.php to see a list of these fields.

Micro Soccer games are generally played at Little Rec (U6 teams) and Marina Green (U7 teams), though the actual game schedule depends on how big each division is season by season.

When will I know my athlete's coach?

Coach assignments are made once the practice schedule is created. Teams are generally contacted by their coach in the week prior to the first practice.

What equipment or gear do I need to provide for my player?

The JCCSF  provides all players with a jersey (team shirt). Players must provide their own cleats, shin guards, socks, soccer shorts (we recommend black) and water bottle.

The JCCSF will also provide all equipment including soccer balls, cones, pinnies and other gear needed to run a practice.

Is there an end of the season celebration?

The JCCSF ends the season with an event for families, players and coaches. All players receive a memento commemorating their achievement.

Who runs the JCCSF Youth Sports Program?

To learn more about the management team and youth sports professional staff, please click here.

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