Russian Language Program

Tikvah Russian language classes help children develop speaking, reading and writing skills. Children learn about Russian culture and literature through well-known fairy tales, stories, poems and books. Age-appropriate lessons increase in difficulty as students' skills progress.

Families may choose to pay the annual fee in 9 monthly installments.

Saturdays, September 8, 2018 – June 15, 2019

Ages 3.5 – 5
Students who hear or speak Russian at home improve their speaking and listening skills, and start to work on writing and reading skills. They learn to recognize the letters of the Russian alphabet as well as words and begin to write them. The teacher uses picture books, fairy tales and word games to enrich and strengthen the children's vocabulary and speech. They learn to ask and answer questions.
Saturday mornings
Class Code: TIKRUSS1
Annual Tuition: $720

Ages 5 – 6
Students continue to develop their vocabulary, conversational skills and comprehension through word games, story telling and the reading of children's stories. Children will improve their writing and reading skills. They learn to describe pictures and make up stories from pictures in Russian.
Saturday mornings
Class Code: TIKRUSS2
Annual Tuition: $720

Ages 7 – 9
Students improve fluency in speaking, reading and writing by working on a variety of projects based on Russian children's literature. Students are taught formal ways of addressing people and making requests. Saturday mornings
Class Code: TIKRUSS3
Annual Tuition: $1,125

Ages 10 – 12
Students begin to learn grammar, as they continue to improve all aspects of their use of Russian. They develop their oral and reading skills, using excerpts from Russian literature.
Saturday mornings
Class Code: TIKRUSS4
Annual Tuition: $1,125

Ages 13 & older
Lessons become more sophisticated and complex as students read Russian literature, participate in discussion groups, practice compositional writing and continue to improve their knowledge of grammar. Saturday mornings
Class Code: TIKRUSS5
Annual Tuition: $1,125