Club 18 (Middle School)

What's Club 18?

It's where middle school students come after school to chill, study, listen to music, go online, participate in service learning and delve into workshops on a variety of interests. Superior teen programming, like you expect from the JCCSF, provides them with a chance to have fun, express themselves, build lasting friendships and find trusted mentors. At Club 18, we empower sixth, seventh and eighth graders to grow intellectually, creatively and emotionally in a safe, supervised environment.

Club 18 Workshops

Last month in Club 18, middle schoolers participated in a writing workshop designed to give young writers the skills to create a story that told their “personal truth.” Read more about this workshop here.

Teens Leading Teens

At Club 18, we're all about inspiring passions, and we're proud to encourage our middle schoolers as they step up to celebrate their skills and share their talents with peers.

Last month, we had no less than six teen-led workshops at Chill Hours, Club 18's afterschool program for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Above, a teen shared her interest and experience doing nail art, teaching us how to transfer newspaper print and marbleize nails. Other workshops include making tea lights out of mason jars, constructing wallets out of nothing but duct tape, cooking the perfect halibut, sewing drawstring bags and origami lessons.

Have a passion to share? Join us every day after school, from 2:00 - 6:00 pm. Contact Stephanie Reisfeld, Teen Program Coordinator, for more information at 415.292.1249 or