JCCSF Citywide – Dance & Art Delivered

Citywide InstructorsThe JCCSF has long been dedicated to introducing children to the transformative power of dance and art. In 2014, we expanded by sending committed, well-trained instructors to schools throughout the city.

Meet the JCCSF Citywide Instructors

Anthony and Christina live and breathe dance (pictured above). Anthony started young, with private lessons from his mom. He has had many professional opportunities, including studying under one of the protégés from the TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

Christina began by performing in elementary school plays, then acting and singing in Pinole Valley High School’s Conservatory of the Arts. She has performed and taught in countless venues, including work with MC Hammer and regular stints with Shimmy Dreams, her professional belly dancing troupe.

These two dancers are also real-life partners, and plan to marry in 2017. It will come as no surprise that the wedding will have a dance theme!

The song Anthony can listen to over and over:
“Human Nature” by Michael Jackson

Christina’s favorite dance:
“I just put everything in a big mixing pot and see where my creativity takes me. A lot of my movements are inspired by jazz, belly dance, bachata and international rhumba.”

The best thing about being a Citywide Dance Instructor:
Anthony: “Dance is so empowering. Nailing down moves and routines is a great confidence-builder for the kids, and it bleeds over into other areas. Dance gives the kids a moment of clarity,
when they’re not thinking about problems they may have outside
of school.”

Christina: “I was never formally trained in dance as a child. My family couldn’t afford it and I moved around a lot as a kid. It was through afterschool programs like Citywide that I was able to explore my creativity and channel my hyperactivity. Being able to come back around and give these kids the same chances I had is such an amazing feeling.”

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