Great White Sharks

Swim Team Improve your strokes and endurance with our year-round swim team! The JCCSF Great White Sharks Swim Team is a registered member of USA Swimming. Swim meets are scheduled throughout the year in San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area.

JCCSF Swim Team Mission Statement
The JCCSF Great White Sharks Swim Team is designed is to provide a recreational approach to the competitive swim world. The experience falls within the JCCSF community based philosophy and will focus on engaging young swimmers in swim skill development, personal effort, commitment, teamwork and learning how to be competitive. Our coaches will support these goals by providing strong guidance, excellent instruction and consistent positive reinforcement.

A focus on skill development in a positive and supportive environment will lead to increase in a swimmer’s confidence thus leading to a positive and fun experience.

Coaches are on deck at each practice to provide workouts focusing on improving stroke technique and endurance for each of the four competitive strokes. Swimmers also receive written progress reports from the coaching staff in order to keep track of their improvements during the season.

Along with our work in the pool, we also place a strong emphasis on building a great team atmosphere. The team has numerous events scheduled over the course of the year outside the pool, including our end of the season awards banquet.

Practices are held 4 days a week in two sessions, 4:00 – 5:00 pm and 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Sessions are divided by skill level to create an atmosphere where swimmers of similar ability can progress together.

New swimmers must attend a scheduled tryout at which coaches will determine if the child is ready to join the team and on which days.

For more information, please contact Regina Aguilar at 415.276.1514 or email