JCCSF Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy

JCCSF Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy and Security Information

Welcome to JCCSF Wi-Fi. We have a few things you need to know before getting started to protect yourself and everyone else. By using the JCCSF Wi-Fi service, you agree to this policy, so please read this page carefully. If you do not understand or agree with any of these terms, do not use JCCSF Wi-Fi.

This service isn’t encrypted – you’re responsible for your own security. Here’s what you need to know: this is a public, unencrypted wireless service. That means it isn’t inherently secure from hackers. You’ll need to take your own measures – like encryption, a personal firewall or VPN – to protect your data and your computer. And, of course, any time you use the internet, you risk being exposed to viruses, worms or other malicious programs, so please make sure you’re using up-to-date software to protect yourself. When you use JCCSF Wi-Fi, you agree that you have sole responsibility for protecting yourself and backing up your data, and that the JCCSF is not liable for any losses you experience as a result of using the service or your activities online.

Don’t do anything to interfere with others’ access or security. We want all of our guests to be able to enjoy JCCSF Wi-Fi, so we can’t allow anything that interferes with our systems or other people’s ability to use them or access the internet – including, of course, launching denial of service attacks, viruses or spyware from your computer.

Don’t do anything to harm minors or collect their personal information. In other words, don’t use JCCSF Wi-Fi to seek or collect personal or identifying information from someone under 18 years old, or do anything that would harass or cause harm to them – or to anyone, for that matter!

Don’t use our service to view adult content. This is a community center, where people of all ages and sensibilities share the space. JCCSF Wi-Fi is available in public areas, and adult material is both inappropriate and not allowed. Needless to say, this includes child pornography, which we will report to authorities.

Don’t use our service to break the law in any way. We hope that’s clear enough, but here are a few examples: Respect copyright and other intellectual property rights; don’t defame, threaten or harass others or infringe on their privacy; don’t download or distribute pirated software or content; don’t transmit or publish anything fraudulent or libelous. Thinking of anything else that might be illegal? Don’t!

Don’t use our service for spam. Spamming slows down the service for everyone, puts the whole network and the JCCSF at risk, and besides that is just plain rude. What do we mean by spam? For starters: unsolicited email, chain email, bulk email without opt-outs or sent to people who have already opted out, or other messages that violate the CAN-SPAM Act or other relevant laws, or that inappropriately use other computers, servers, IP addresses or false information to mislead the recipient about where the email comes from. It also includes any email or files sent in enough bulk to disrupt our network.

When you use JCCSF Wi-Fi service, you agree that the JCCSF is not liable for any damages suffered as a result of your using the service or your activities while using it, and you agree to hold the JCCSF harmless from any claims based on your use of the service.

We reserve the right to decline or suspend service at any time, temporarily or permanently, to you individually or to everyone, for any reason.