Media Coverage

At JCCSF, Common Ground for Muslims and Jews
Forward, November 15, 2007

Anita Diamant advocates 'Judaism with Pleasure'
J Weekly, November 2, 2007

Norman Podhoretz: World War IV will be War of Ideas
J Weekly, October 26, 2007

Olympia Dukakis as 'Rose'
J Weekly, October 26, 2007

Jewish BookFest at JCCSF
J Weekly, October 26, 2007

LEVY dance's 'Bone Lines' bites off more than it can chew
San Francisco Chronicle, October 16, 2007

SF Chronicle TV critic Tim Goodman at JCCSF
SGgate, October 11, 2007

3 Comedians Aim To Keep Jewish Humor Alive
CBS - 5 News, July 5, 2007

Borscht Belt veteran brings Catskills shtick to the Bay Area
J Weekly, Friday June 22, 2007

A match made in Paris
(Gertrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas)

SFGate, Sunday June 17, 2007

More JCCs Outsource Centers to For-Profits
Fitness Business Pro, Friday June 1, 2007

At JCCSF, a lesson in ethics from former child soldier
J Weekly, Friday April 13, 2007

THE JEWISH PARTISANS: Untold Stories of Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust
San Francisco Chronicle, Monday April 9, 2007

Israel, off the wall: Historical Israeli posters coming to JCCSF
J Weekly, Friday March 2, 2007

To Noa is to love her: Israeli singer coming to JCC of San Francisco in March
J Weekly, Friday February 23, 2007

Former Bush spokesman charms audience at JCCSF
J Weekly, Friday November 3, 2006

People are talking about JCCSF’s new lecture director
J Weekly, Friday October 6, 2006

Interfaith couples find solace in JCCSF group
Friday September 29, 2006

J Weekly - Readers Choice Awards
J Weekly, August 4, 2006
San Francisco - 1st Place Awards
Best JCC
Best Place for a Large Elegant Party
Best Place for a Large Casual Party
Best Place for a Small Casual Party
Best Place for Jewish Lectures
Best Day Camp
Best Youth Program (Club 18)
Best After School Program (Havurah Youth Center)
Best Health Club

Paging Dr. Freud ... the psyche's once-towering titan, born 150 years ago, is back on our minds
SFGate, Wednesday, May 17, 2006

JCCSF fest marks 150th birthday of Sigmund Freud
J Weekly, May 12, 2006

Freud Turns 150, Takes Seat on Bay Area Couch
The Forward, May 12, 2006

JCCSF’s Levine steps down, senior exec named successor
J Weekly, May 5, 2006

Self-help for Chronic Ailments Stanford model offers relief to sufferers when pills can't, April 26, 2006

Jewish Community Center celebrates Passover, April 13, 2006

JCCSF names adult recreation center after donors
J Weekly, March 17, 2006

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Artist Profile ROBERT MOSES, February 2, 2006

Pan-Asian will pair with N.Y. deli at Jewish Community Center, January 4, 2006

Encore: Anna Halprin
Theater Bay Area, January 2006

Jewish hipsters celebrate outsider identity An emerging new movement can be seen uniting religion and pop culture in everything from T-shirts to Web sites, December 25, 2005

Dancers and aficionados bask in ballet history at film festival gala, November 5, 2005

Pianist coming to JCCSF with Beethoven show-and-tell concert
J Weekly, October 21, 2005

JCC exhibit celebrates Jewish Soviet army veterans
J Weekly, August 19, 2005

Best of the Jewish Bay Area
J Weekly, July 22, 2005
Best JCC
Best Health Club
Best Place to Meet a Jewish Date
Best Jewish Lectures
Best Place for a Big Party

Family-friendly restaurant in the JCCSF retools menu with mixed results
San Francisco Chronicle, June 26, 2005

Summer camps, Israel programs woo families at two-day fair
J Weekly, May 13, 2005

Children of Survivors Carry Parents’ Memories
J Weekly, May 13, 2005

Best Recreation & Learning Center
SF Weekly, May 11, 2005

Wartime Warsaw Archive comes to S.F.
J Weekly, April 22, 2005

Real Estate Deals of the Year
San Francisco Business Times, March 25, 2005

Obscure German opera blooms in plucky, inspired performance
San Francisco Chronicle, January 12, 2005

Holiday's Shining Moments
San Francisco Chronicle, December 10, 2004

Strings Attached
San Francisco Chronicle, November 7, 2004

Seeking Common Ground
San Francisco Chronicle, May 25, 2004

JCCSF throws restored 'Wedding' mural a party
J Weekly, June 11, 2004

Shalom to the City - $63 Million Jewish Community Center reopens
San Francisco Chronicle, May 21, 2004

Is Nothing Sacred? Not in Helene Aylon's Art.
San Francisco Chronicle, March 28, 2004

Sunrise, sunset — A day in the life of the new JCCSF is nonstop action
J Weekly, March 26, 2004

Not just a Jewish thing - new JCCSF emphasizes multiculturalism more than ever
J Weekly, March 19, 2004

All-Star Jazz Ensemble jamming at JCCSF
San Francisco Chronicle, March 13, 2004

Is Jewish writing DOA?
J Weekly, February 13, 2004

New Start for Jewish Center
San Francisco Chronicle, February 22, 2004

JCCSF ready to debut $60 million facility
J., the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, January 2, 2004

New JCCSF Expands Arts Programs

New Interest in Jewish Mysticism
San Francisco Chronicle, December 26, 2003

JCCSF prepares to launch Friend Center for the Arts
San Francisco Chronicle, November 19, 2003

New to town? JCCs ease transitions at any age
J., the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, November 14 , 2003

New Plan Brings Financial Fitness to San Francisco Community Center
The Forward, November 14, 2003

From crisis to state-of-the-art: Can-do administrator helps put JCCSF of S.F. on solid footing in a spanking new building
J., the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, October 17, 2003

Jewish center's bold foray into the future
San Francisco Chronicle, October 5, 2003

When it opens in January, new JCCSF will house full-scale Judaica shop
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, August 1, 2003

Jewish Community Center Rises Above Site Limitations
California Construction Link, June 2003

Interfaith couples get help navigating sticky situations
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, June 6, 2003

Octogenarian keeps 'em laughing at S.F. Jewish Home
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, May 30, 2003

Group helps young Jews help others
San Francisco Chronicle, May 2, 2003

'Estherminator' serves up sex, rock and violence, Purim style
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, March 7, 2003

Five who landed on their feet Bay Area residents describe how they found jobs during a bleak hiring environment
San Francisco Chronicle, March 2, 2003

Younger audience flocks to Hub for avant-garde Jewish theatre
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, January 24, 2003

Bay Area's Club One bulks up by spotting for fitness centers
San Francisco Business Times, December 20, 2002 print edition

Hub Founder Amy Tobin Named Among 2002's Forward 50
The Forward, November 15, 2002

JCCSF of S.F. closing in on mammoth fund-raising goal
Jewish Bulletin, July 26, 2002

Sensitivity training around 'China doll'
San Francisco Chronicle, July 4, 2002