December 2013


JCCSF Matters - December Edition
Today Is #GivingTuesday
Today at the JCCSF volunteers are coming together for Tikkun Ha-olam (repair of the world) by assembling hygiene kits for homeless San Franciscans. It’s part of #GivingTuesday, a day that connects millions of Americans, local charities and businesses in a national movement to give back. With the help of the community – your help – and in cooperation with local organizations, the JCCSF is doing its part to make a difference.

We have many opportunities to give on #GivingTuesday here at 3200 California Street and from your home or work. You can volunteer and participate in today’s events, make a donation to help us continue giving back to our community all year, and help spread the word on Twitter using @JCCSF.

It’s with this power of collective generosity that #GivingTuesday, now in its second year, has been able to elevate a theme of giving – in a season often overrun with shopping deals – to establish a new holiday tradition. Learn more about #GivingTuesday at

Give Today! Learn how Annual Giving Officer Josie A.G. Shapiro and her family are embracing #GivingTuesday at 3200 Stories.
Tikkun Ha-olam

Tikkun Ha-olam

Tikkun Ha-olam (repair of the world), one of the JCCSF’s core values, inspires us to support communal interest in social action by offering opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities. From the simple act of donating cans to a food bank to a regular commitment to promoting literacy at a local public school, from beach cleanups to construction projects, the JCCSF makes it easy for our community to be helpful to the neediest among our neighbors.

“We’re always asking, ‘How can we support people in being their best selves?’ Tikkun Ha-olam programming is the most explicit of these efforts,” says Chief Jewish Officer Rachel Brodie. “We want to make it easy for people to give – time, specific skills, material goods, energy and/or enthusiasm – to the people and projects that have expressed a need for our help.”

The JCCSF takes great pride in the “SF” within its name. That pride translates into a sense of responsibility and in recognition of our unique niche in the city of San Francisco, our Tikkun Ha-olam projects are mostly about making an impact locally. But we also participate in national and global efforts to bring about social justice and contribute to the sustainability of our planet. “What’s been especially great about participating in #GivingTuesday is the response from our local community,” says Annual Giving Officer Josie A.G. Shapiro. “Businesses in the neighborhood have made donations to support our community, and some of our volunteers are younger than five years old.”

The Winter/Spring Monthly Tikkun Series offers even more opportunities to repair the world, including a beach cleanup with the Surfrider Foundation, construction with Habitat for Humanity, and urban farming with Alemany Farm. Whether benefitting the environment or homeless San Franciscans, or fighting local food injustice, all the JCCSF’s Tikkun Ha-olam programs bring much-needed support to Bay Area communities. Plus, as Sarah Stickel, the coordinator of many JCCSF Tikkun programs says, “they’re a great way to meet people, have fun and feel good about the time spent together. You can’t beat that!”
HYC Cereal Drive

HYC Cereal Drive

People of all ages at the JCCSF take part in giving back to the community. Thanks to some of our youngest givers, the Youth & Family offices were recently overflowing with Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Puffins, Corn Flakes – almost 140 boxes. For weeks, people on their way to the Fitness Center, coming from Community Table, on their way to an Arts & Ideas event, and staff brought in boxes and filled up collection bins in the lobby. So many members of our community donated to our afterschool program’s second annual Havurah Youth Center (HYC) Cereal Drive.

“The participation was community-wide,” says Assistant Camp & Family Programs Manager Gayle Effron. “Last year we received 75 boxes of cereal from the HYC community, this year we opened up the drive to our entire JCCSF community and nearly doubled our donations!”

Once the boxes were collected, children in the HYC afterschool program brought the donations to Raphael House, which serves approximately 60 homeless families a year through their shelter program and 300 families throughout the Bay Area through their aftercare program.

“Many of us take breakfast for granted as a simple way to start our day,” says HYC Teacher Melissa Moss. “Our HYC kids are learning to appreciate what they have, and that helping others is an important and rewarding experience. Really they’re learning to give back.”

Learn more about HYC’s trip to Raphael House at 3200 Stories.
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