JCCSF Matters Newsletter – March

Nothing But Net! Redefining Sports Success
Redefining the Score

It feels pretty good to sink a half-court shot, especially when the accomplishment comes with a free week at a JCCSF Sports Camp – for your child or for yourself. Two members of our community made that winning basket during this year’s Redefining the Score Day on February 28. Out of 40 competitors, a sixth grader and a parent both made the shot, much to the cheering glee of the crowd. The competition, woven seamlessly into the usual Saturday hubbub of kids in grades K – 4 playing basketball, was a microcosm of our winning Sports Program, which seeks to integrate parental involvement in a program that values life skills and community building as much as sports-specific skills.
“The keyword is respect,” says Sheena Lister, Athletic Program 
Manager. “We launched Redefining the Score a few years ago to get us all thinking on a deeper level about what it means to win and what it means to be part of a team. I think the program has really changed the athletic experience for young children and their families – for the better. And the biggest thing we teach is respect – for yourself, your teammates, the coach and the referee.”
The shift in focus means that while winning is celebrated, it’s considered equally important to inculcate positive values like fairness, empathy, integrity and leadership. There’s nothing like the heat of active competition and cooperation to help forge and reinforce positive character traits.
It’s clear that Redefining the Score is having an impact. A JCCSF youth athlete recently wrote his coach: “You went out of your way to make me feel important. You taught me the ways of the game and the reality of life 
– often connecting sports and life to reveal how frequently one relates to the other. You made me want to be better than who I was yesterday.”
Everyone likes to win. But the biggest win of all is to help create confident, resilient and effective individuals who succeed in both sports and life.

Alt-Rock Icon Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon

When we made videos of select Arts & Ideas events available on demand, we had no idea just how many people would jump at the chance to watch the world-class thinkers and performers who’ve come to the JCCSF. Video of the sold-out show with musician and writer Kim Gordon, for example, became available online just a few weeks ago, and already 25,000 people have seen it. It helps that an article in Rolling Stone linked to the video, calling Gordon’s conversation at the JCCSF with Carrie Brownstein – member of the rock band Sleater-Kinney and co-creator of the TV show Portlandia – “sprawling and hilarious.”
Even longtime fans of Gordon learned new things about the queen of alt rock – like that she started as a visual artist before rising to fame as the bass player of cult favorite Sonic Youth, that she codirected (with Spike Jonze) the Breeder’s music video for “Cannonball,” that she founded a street fashion line called X Girl, and that she produced Hole’s first album. The quintessential cool girl – willowy, deadpan and artfully disheveled – hasn’t completely shunned mainstream culture; recently, she appeared in episodes of the TV shows Gossip Girl and Girls.
Other on demand videos come with their own sets of surprises. Check out Neil Gaiman, Garrison Keillor, Paul Stanley of KISS fame, Lesley Stahl, Jason Segel, The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi and Amanda Palmer.
The Twenties Roar at Star Gala

Star Gala 2015

We’re happy to report that not only was this year’s online auction a great success, but the party that marked the auction’s close was one for the history books. What a bash! Never have so many people celebrated in Kanbar Hall for Star Gala. Partygoers channeled their inner flappers, rumrunners and gangsters. Feathers fluttered, sparkles shone, and fedoras were tilted rakishly on every other head.
We’re still tallying the totals, and we’ve heard from many people who say they still want to contribute to the scholarship fund – which makes sure our JCCSF preschools remain accessible to all families. There’s still time to make a gift!
And here’s a peek at a day in the life of the JCCSF preschools:
Star Gala 2015 benefitting the JCCSF preschools 

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