Starting Oct. 15, masks are optional for Fitness Center members when working out in the Fitness Center, including the locker room, sauna and shvitz.

Christina Stevenson-Mulesky

Dance Instructor

Youth & Family

If you were to tell Stina that she would one day be a dance teacher, rather than a pop star, she would have told you otherwise. Little did she realize that her countless hours spent making up dance routines and assisting at summer school would lead her to her current role as a professional entertainer and arts educator. As an instructor with the JCCSF Citywide Program, Stina isn’t just teaching kids in afterschool programs to dance, she’s opening up a world of opportunities and possibilities for them to explore. When she isn’t inspiring confidence in the next generation of performers, Stina runs a dance company with her husband Anthony and enjoys spending time with their two cats, Houdini and Ginger.