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Gallanter Staff Israel Seminar

Ages 18+

The annual Gallanter Staff Israel Seminar gives JCCSF staffers an unprecedented opportunity to experience the beauty and complexity of Israel first-hand.

Group of Staff in Israel

Thanks to the generous support of the Sanford & Linda Gallanter Foundation, the Staff Israel Seminar gives 12 JCCSF staff members the opportunity to learn, bond and stretch through a demanding and compelling, immersive and intense, confusing and super fun six-month Israel education experience, culminating in a two-week, 24/7 adventure in the Holy Land itself.

Each year we come together for twelve classes in which we learn about Israel’s history, culture, conflicts and world-wide significance through reading, writing, study, poetry, cuisine, film and discussion. Along the way, we get to connect more deeply with each other. Often, the members of the cohort are virtual strangers to each other before the seminar begins. But by the end of the trip, we all feel like a family. It’s amazing. And hard. And life changing. Every year is different and every year is awesome.


Speaking man kneels by fire
Staff Israel Seminar group poses in front of Jewish temple

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