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Ages 18+

Busy hands make for inspired minds. That’s especially true at JCCSF ceramics classes, led by professional teachers and loved by our supportive community. With just a few easy-to-find supplies, we’ll get you off and running to create a masterpiece.

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Smiling woman works on ceramics project

Ceramics can be calming. And, when done in the company of a caring community, it can truly enrich your life.

The JCCFS offers ceramics classes led by Josh Margolis, a highly experienced instructor that’s learner-focused and dedicated to sparking your creativity. With a few easy-to-find materials, he’ll get you off and running to create a masterpiece that has heart, soul and the potential to become the centerpiece of your home.

Our third-floor art and ceramics studio is an inspiring place to learn a new skill or work on a pet project. Spacious and full of natural light, the studio is also well equipped, with ten electric potter’s wheels, two kilns, and a wide array of paints, brushes, tools, clay and glazes. When we open again for in-person classes, and you’re at the JCCSF, come up and take a look!

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"I love being able to create pieces of art that are also functional items I use every day, like plates. Ceramics at the JCCSF has become my favorite hobby – I feel very lucky to have found such a fantastic place to serve as a much-needed creative outlet."

Darcy P.

JCCSF ceramics student

"What I love about ceramics is how tangible it is – after sitting at a computer most of the day, it's satisfying to make something with my hands. Josh has done a great job of cultivating a real community here, which makes me even more excited to go to class each week."

Sam M.

JCCSF ceramics student