What is Olive Tree Society?

From the time of Noah and the flood, the olive branch has been a sign of hope for an enduring future. Olive trees grow anywhere, even under the most adverse conditions. Olive trees stand firm in all kinds of terrain and remind us that we should also remain strong no matter what the circumstance.

Olive Tree Society

The Olive Tree Society honors those individuals who have created a lasting legacy by including the JCCSF in their estate plans or through the creation of a named endowment fund. Their gift ensures that the JCCSF continues to be a vibrant center for Jewish values and community life for generations to come.

Olive Tree Society Members*:

  • Anonymous** (2)
  • Myrna & Stuart Aronoff
  • Susan Beer
  • Natasha & Nathaniel Bergson-Michelson
  • Harry Blumenthal**
  • Dolores & Jerome Braun
  • Sylvia Cherin**
  • Ilse Elias**
  • Ellen & Barry Finestone
  • Gaia Fund
  • Linda & Sanford Gallanter
  • Goldie Garelick**
  • Sadye Garfinkel Endowment Fund of the JCF
  • JoAnn & Paul Gillis
  • Deborah & Steven Goodman
  • The David B. Gold Foundation
  • Olga Perkovic & David Goodstein
  • Shelley W. Gottlieb
  • The Hearst Foundations
  • Greta A. Hofman
  • Maurice Kanbar
  • Charlotte Knaebel**
  • Miriam Koschmieder**
  • Lillian Lewin**
  • Sharon Litsky & John Sampson

* Partial listing
**May their memories be a blessing.

  • Betty Mann**
  • Deborah Mann
  • Pamela Mann
  • Corine Massey**
  • Bruce Cohen & Gale Mondry
  • Eleanor & Larry** Myers
  • Peter James Neubauer
  • Lisa & John Pritzker
  • Caryl Ritter
  • Marsha Rosenbaum & John Irwin**
  • Louise** & Claude** Rosenberg
  • Gerald Rosenstein
  • Jordan Sachs
  • George Sarlo
  • Hilda Schneider
  • Janet** & Albert Schultz
  • Allison Huegel & James Sergi
  • Barbara B. Shupin**
  • Joelle Steefel
  • Roselyne C. Swig
  • Pat E. Weidy**
  • The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
  • Raphael Yalkovsky**
  • Esfir & Efsei Zalan

If you have already provided for the JCCSF in your estate plan, please let us know. We are happy to treat your gift as anonymous if that is your preference, but please allow us to thank you now!