Strategic Initiatives

Enhancing Excellence: Leadership Gifts That Build Community

The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco is committed to being on the forefront of civic and cultural life in the Bay Area. Over the past year Board, staff, and community members spent time articulating our role as a deeply Jewish community organization. Your gift to the JCCSF helps us realize these ambitious goals.

Media and Technology

Strengthening the JCCSF’s technology infrastructure and launching the JCCSF New Media Initiative to bring alive and broaden the impact of the JCCSF’s inclusive Jewish values and vision. In the process of thoroughly revamping our outdated technology structure, we also will put in place the IT platforms necessary to develop the “JCCSF 2.0.” Through sophisticated new media experiences, along with our live Jewish programming, we will inspire individuals to transform their lives, our community, and the Jewish world.

Jewish community building and engagement

JCCs have the broadest reach of all Jewish communal organizations and the capacity to support individuals’ and families’ aspirations to engage and to learn and increasing opportunities for Jewish community building and engagement. We will ensure that our new media and all programming offers varied, accessible paths to explore and reconnect with personal and collective Jewish heritage

San Franciscan neighborhood outreach

The JCCSF is committed to creating new partnerships, outreach methods, and other initiatives, including expanding to serve other San Franciscan neighborhoods.

Staff development, Customer service

Increasing investment in staff development, customer service, excellent programming and service, and success metrics.

Financial Strength

Continuing a strong, financially sustainable position. The challenges of the deep economic recession gave us the opportunity to ensure that we are (a) maintaining a healthy financial position and operating as efficiently as possible; (b) sustaining our core programs; and (c) remaining nimble enough to respond to new community needs. In fact, the JCCSF has emerged lean, strong, and financially sustainable and our operating budget has grown modestly from last year’s $27 million to a projected $30 million.