Star Gala 2014 - Fund a Child

Fund a Child
Thanks to the help of a caring community and loyal donors like you, the JCCSF helps people in financial hardship focus on the things that truly matter: family, education and community. Your gift provides critical financial aid that makes our preschools accessible to families at all income levels. We are committed to continuing our tradition of excellence and accessibility and can only do so with significant support from community members like you. Please give today!

Your gifts make a real impact:

  • $5,000 funds up to 50% of a part-time preschool tuition and 25% of full-time preschool tuition
  • $1,000 funds up to one month of part-time preschool tuition
  • $500 funds up to two weeks of part-time preschool
  • $250 funds up to one week of part-time preschool
  • $100 supports a portion of one of our preschool family's scholarships

Your gift is 100% tax-deductible.

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