Laura's Corner - February 2014

Laura Greenfield 
Laura Greenfield

JCCSF Fitness &
Community Wellness Manager

Training Together
We rely on our friends to inspire, energize and support us – all the things you need to succeed in fitness. Turns out friends are naturally great workout buddies! If you need an extra boost to get – or keep your workout going, there are plenty of reasons to enlist your friends.
Fun: There are numerous strength moves you can do with a partner, like crunches with a medicine ball toss, partner pushups and assisted stretches. These are fun and very effective.  
Motivation: Set a shared training goal for an outdoor fitness event like Bay to Breakers, a half marathon or a Tough Mudder.
Accountability & Consistency: It’s hard to leave a friend hanging. Knowing they’re waiting for you to work out increases the likelihood you’ll show up.
Speed: Time flies when you’re hanging with a friend, and quick chats between sets add a pleasant break to the exercise routine.
Friendly Competition: Challenge your workout buddy to match your personal best on weight load, repetitions or mastery of a new move. You’ll advance faster!
Savings: Sharing the cost of a trainer makes training more affordable. Check with the Fitness Desk for rates.
Shared Success: Decide together on a reward once you’ve met your first set of goals: shop for new workout clothing, book a massage, or plan a joint beach vacation to show off your strong body.

Grab a friend and head to the Fitness Center today.  

Have questions about fitness or training? Email Laura Greenfield.