Laura's Corner - January 2014

Laura Greenfield 
Laura Greenfield

JCCSF Fitness &
Community Wellness Manager

Workout Etiquette
It’s January, the month of New Year’s resolutions and increased activity at the Fitness Center. It’s inspiring to support so many Members focused on health and well-being.
We’re not a conventional gym – we’re a community center – and we’re proud to emphasize the community experience. That means sharing the space and equipment and helping new Members feel at home here. Here are a few guidelines to ensure that everyone enjoys their time in the Fitness Center in the New Year:

• Store all bags in a locker.
• Allow others to “work in” while you rest between sets.
• Spray and wipe down equipment after use.
• Re-rack weights and fitness props.
• Deposit your used towels in towel bins. 
• Finish your phone calls before your workout.
• Arrive on time for your fitness classes.
• Limit your time on cardio equipment to 30 minutes when other Members are waiting to use them. 
And with a new year also comes new workshops, updated class schedules and small-group training in the new Training Studio.
Happy and healthy new year to all! 

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