We've been gratified by how many families have nice things to say about Kid Care. Here are some satisfied parents' stories.


The JCCSF Kid Care center has become such an integral part of our routine. We can’t remember life before it! Collins and I spent all our time together. This is her first venture into day care and being apart from me (aside from the occasional night time babysitters which Collins mostly sleeps through). We both had a little apprehension leaving each other. I knew this would be good for the both of us. She would love being with the other kids and doing activities we don’t have at home. We needed to get into the swing of things first. It took a few weeks for both of us to be able to just “drop off and go.” The ladies running Kid Care have been so patient. When we first started attending the day care, they let me read books or play with Collins when we first arrived to get acclimated. They set up paints and blow bubbles for Collins and her best friend, Chloe, because they know it makes them happy (and my exit easier). They do whatever to engage, distract and entertain the kids. In fact, my staying often made things harder, and I learned to get out of the way. They needed me to leave for Collins to start playing with them and having a good time. Now Collins just walks in and makes herself comfortable. I know I have a place where I can drop her off and work out, sit in the café or just have an hour to myself without worrying how she is doing. I can’t thank the ladies working at the day care enough. Everyone is so sweet and attentive to Collins (and to me). We look forward to coming as much as we can.

Ashley Gray
Mother of Collins, 20 months
February 2014


I've been going to the JCC since my son Andrew (22 months) was 9 months old. As a first time mother, I was very nervous about putting him into care, but I also desperately needed to get myself back into the gym after having him. After meeting the staff and seeing the facility, I had no doubts my son was in very good hands. At first he was going through very severe separation anxiety, which made things a bit difficult, but I kept at it. Just a half hour at a time in the beginning and then we were able to move to an hour. Now when I come to pick him up, he does not even want to leave. I am grateful for this service. My son loves it and I know he is in good hands and I get a much deserved break to make sure I'm taking care of myself. We love the staff and love the experience.

Christina Minutoli
Mother of Andrew Minutoli, 22 months old
August 2013


I have been using the Kid Care program 4 to 6 times a week since February of this year. My family and I are moving to Pacifica, and are very, very sad to say goodbye to the JCCSF, particularly to your staff. I let them all know yesterday how much they have meant to our family – what a valuable service they provide by taking such loving care of the children while parents can get a little time to themselves. As a new mother, the JCCSF was instrumental in my transition. It is so rare that you can hand your baby to someone and not think twice about the level of care she'll receive. I'm a better Mommy because of your help. I would like you to know that all of your staff are great, especially Shannon, Tiffany, Talitha, Genevieve, Lyncoya and Maria. Each of these women made me feel confident and secure leaving my infant in their care. They are vital members of your staff!

Stephanie Wangler
Mother of Morgan, nine months
August 2012


Alex had not had many nonfamily childcare experiences when I first brought him to the JCCSF. On our first visit, I was only gone for 10 minutes; he was crying when I left and he was crying when I came back. I felt like crying myself, but the JCCSF Kid Care staff assured me that if we stuck with it, he would eventually love his time here. I looked at Alex’s red, puffy face and I prayed that they were right. Of course, they were. Over the next few weeks, the Kid Care Staff worked hard to make sure Alex was comfortable, that he had more toys than he knew what to do with and that he played with all the other kids in the “little kid” room. Soon, I was able to stretch my time away to half an hour, then an hour and, in less than a month, I was able to leave him for two hours. Now, when I leave he’s smiling and when I get back he is smiling – and that make me smile, too.

Emily Bold
Mother of Alex Bold, 17 months
March 2012


When dropping my son Moses off at the JCCSF at 5 months old, I never imagined how much joy the JCCSF Kid Care Staff would bring to our lives. The staff is trustworthy, nurturing and loving to children of all ages, and they provide a warm, fun environment for children to learn, gain confidence in their developing skills, foster friendships and provide peace of mind for the parents. I am grateful for the staff’s sincere interest in Moses’ life and appreciate the little special things they add to his visit – adding helicopter drawings on his name tag, letting him ”help” with morning tasks, setting up cool art projects and offering praise and feedback when needed. Bringing Moses to JCCSF Kid Care has been a wonderful experience for the past 3 years. Thank you so much!

Mary Johnson
Mother of Moses Johnson, 3 years old
August 2011


I cannot express how happy I am that each day I go to teach or work out at the health club upstairs, my son Liev goes to a place where he is loved. Liev is a happy child and always looks forward to going to Kid Care. I really appreciate the attitude of all the caregivers, the fact that they really seem to get to know the individual personalities of the children and their obvious interest in providing a fun, learning-filled atmosphere. My son loves it and that, of course, puts my mind at ease. Keep up the great job and know that your center is a safe and wonderful place.


Oreet Schwartz
Mother of Liev Schwartz
January 2011