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Contact Information

Main Location: Room 125
Phone: 415.292.1246
Email: kidcare@jccsf.org   
Kid Care Manager: Delina Purnell
Email: dpurnell@jccsf.org

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Operating Hours

Monday – Friday

8:00 am – 8:00 pm


8:00 am – 3:00 pm


9:00 am – 3:00 pm

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General Information

Kid Care is childcare for children from 6 weeks to 10 years. Children can stay for up to 2 hours each day; parents or caregivers must remain in the building during that time. JCCSF Fitness Center Members have priority booking, but Kid Care is open to all. As described in the Kid Care Application, Kid Care is managed and operated exclusively by MediFit Community Services LLC.

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Our warm staff has been carefully selected on the basis of experience, education and personality. All staff has been background checked and fingerprinted, and they are certified in adult, child and infant CPR.

Staff/child ratio: In our main Kid Care room, there is a maximum of four children per one adult. Only one of the four may be an infant under 12 months. Each adult may care for only two infants at a time. A maximum of 14 children may be in the main Kid Care room at any given time, including a maximum of five infants.

To allow us to provide the best possible service, we ask that parents help to establish and maintain respectful relationships with Kid Care staff. We look forward to getting to know you and your child!

Learn more about Kid Care staff.

Some parents inquire about outside babysitting. Kid Care does not facilitate, but you may ask a Kid Care staff member directly for personal contact information. Please be advised that Kid Care staff members are employees or contractors of MediFit and services provided outside of Kid Care are not affiliated with MediFit (or, for that matter, the JCCSF). MediFit does assume liability for any services provided outside of Kid Care (the JCCSF does not assume liability for services provided at Kid Care or outside of Kid Care).

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Reservations are always required for children under 3 years old. For children over 3 years, reservations are required after noon. Before noon, drop-off/same-day reservations are available – see the Drop-off Kid Care section.

Parents can book Kid Care for infants (ages 6 weeks – 11 months) on the day their Spa, Training or Pilates appointments are booked. We have standing Kid Care reservations available each day so you are guaranteed a spot for your child when you meet with your Trainer or Massage Therapist. Ask the Front Desk to save your spot at Kid Care when you book your appointment.

When requesting a reservation, be sure to always include

  • your name
  • your child’s name and age
  • the date, time and duration of the proposed stay.

Reservation policies:

  • You may request a reservation up to 2 days in advance of the requested date.
  • Reservation can be made by phone, email or in person with the Kid Care department, and are taken on a first come first serve basis.
  • Reservations are complete only when you have confirmation from a Kid Care staff member.
  • Kid Care fees are charged based on the reserved booking, regardless of time used.
  • Cancellations must be made at least two hours in advance; otherwise a cancellation fee will apply (see cancellation fees under “Rates and Payment Plans”).
  • Your reservation will be held for up to 30 minutes, after which time your reservation is considered cancelled. (See cancellation fees under “Rates, Fee & Payment Options.”)  If you contact us within the first 30 minutes of your reserved time, letting us know you’re running late but intend to bring in your child, we will honor the remainder of your reservation.

Drop-off Kid Care (Same-day Reservations)
Drop-off Kid Care services are only available for children 3 years and up.
Drop-off Kid Care operates during limited hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – noon.
Drop-off Kid Care is located in Room 126 and Room 223 during summer months (note that reservations are required during summer months and holidays). Drop-off Kid Care requires no reservation. However, if we reach capacity, you may be asked to return at a later time.

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Kid Care offers various types of play, including active, imaginary, eye-hand coordination, art and music.

Infants play in jumpers, exersaucers, swings and rocking chairs. We rock them to sleep, do bottle feedings and diaper changes, play with toys on blankets and read books. Toddlers love to explore the room. We provide them many age-appropriate toys such as blocks and balls, cars and trucks, kitchen toys, instruments and coloring activities. Older kids love our creative art projects, board games and imaginary play.

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What to Bring

Until your child is potty trained, we ask that you please bring your own diaper(s). Please label your child’s belongings.

Blankets, burp cloths and baby wipes are provided.

You may bring: bottles, sippy cups, baby food pouches, pacifiers and a change of clothes. We have a refrigerator and a bottle warmer if needed. If you are bringing any food items/snacks for your child, make sure that food is easy for self-feeding. We would not be able to feed a whole meal to your child because of the unpredictable nature of our reservations. Please ensure food items/snacks do not contain any nuts as we are a nut-free facility.

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Health & Safety

Because we take the health and safety of children and staff very seriously, we adhere to the following guidelines:

No child will be released to anyone other than the person who signed the child in, unless the alternate person is pre-approved by the parent in writing. In that case, identification is required upon pick up.

Whole foods are only permitted if the child absolutely needs it. (We will have them sit in a separate area to have their snack.)

We are a nut-free facility.

No shoes are allowed in the main room. Booties are provided for parents who wish to leave their shoes on.

No personal toys are allowed.

No children with contagious illnesses (even colds) will be permitted to use the Kid Care Program. The program considers the following symptoms are possible signs of illness:

  • Runny nose: clear, white, yellow, or green mucus
  • Excessive coughing or sneezing
  • Wheezing or difficulty breathing
  • Rashes
  • Fever, or suspected fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

If your child has been experiencing any potentially contagious or concerning illness, please discuss with Kid Care staff. Please also communicate any allergies your child may have to the person checking you in.

Please respect our illness policies: do not bring your child while they are ill. If your child is ill, we ask that you keep them out of the program for a minimum of two days or until their symptoms have cleared.

Kid Care takes extra care to keep all childcare environments clean.

  • Please bring your child in a clean and disposable diaper. If your child’s diaper is soiled at arrival we will ask you to change it before leaving.
  • Staff wears protective gloves while changing diapers.
  • Hand washing is mandatory after changing a child, and frequently throughout the day.
  • Hygiene among the children is very important; make sure your child’s nails are trimmed.
  • All toys and furniture are sanitized at the end of each day, as well as removed throughout the day for cleaning.
  • Carpets are vacuumed daily and shampooed frequently.
  • Please bring your child in play clothes. We do art with the children and it may get messy. Smocks are provided but may not cover all of you child’s clothing.
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Drop-Off & Pick-Up

  • Please arrive 5 minutes earlier than your reservation time, to allow your child to acclimate and to have enough time to communicate pertinent information to the staff.

  • Communicate to Kid Care staff important information about your child’s day, as well as any other information that may affect their stay. It will help us to provide the best care for your child(ren). Please share with us pertinent information about naps, feedings, vaccinations, or changes in routine, such as travel or new siblings.

  • Please be punctual in picking up your child. After a 5-minute grace period, you will be charged $1/minute per child for a late pick-up. For more information see Rates and Payment Plans.

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Separation Anxiety

Kid Care staff has extensive experience soothing children with separation anxiety and can offer reliable advice on easing your child into the program. Still, if your child is experiencing separation anxiety, you must commit to spending a sufficient amount of time in the childcare room until they are comfortable. Until you are sure your child can stay in the childcare program for the duration of the reservation, please do not book personal training or spa appointments during that time.

You will be paged if your child cries more than ten minutes, seems to be inconsolable or appears to be ill. Please remain available and aware of this possibility.

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In Case of Emergency

In the case of an emergency evacuation, all children will be evacuated to the parking lot at Walnut and California Streets (the UCSF lot). During an evacuation, we will exit through the California Street doors, and proceed to cross the street at Walnut. Parents may come to the Kid Care area and assist the staff with exiting the building, but they may not take their child out of the Kid Care staff’s supervision. We must finish out the evacuation, re-enter the building and proceed with sign out.

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Rates, Fees & Payment Options

Member rates apply to children or parents that hold a JCCSF Fitness Center Membership. Public rates apply to children or parents that are not members of the JCCSF and JCCSF Community Members.

Rates & Fees


31 – 120 MINUTES



Infant $18.00 $28.00





 1 – 30 MINUTES



Infant (6 weeks – 12 months)



Child (1 year & up )



Late Cancellation Fee: Charged for time booked, per child
No Show Fee: Charged for time booked, per child
Late Pick up Fee: $1.00/minute (5 minute grace period offered) per child
Pagers: Please do not take pagers into the steam room, sauna, Mind-Body Studio, or pool. All pagers are checked upon return. If you swim, you may give your pager to the lifeguard.
Lost/Damaged Pager Fee: $50.00
Late Cancel, Late Pick Up, and No-Shows Fees are not covered with the Unlimited Option (learn more about this option under “Payment Options”).

Payment Options

Pay as You Go

With this payment option you will pay each time you use the program. Staff in the main Kid Care room can charge your credit card on file with the JCCSF, or swipe another card if you prefer. If you wish to pay cash, you will be issued a usage slip from staff and asked to pay at the JCCSF Front Desk.

Monthly Unlimited

With this payment option, you are free to use the program for up to two hours a day, as often as you would like (contingent on available space), for the flat rate price shown below. This option offers convenience and discount to the frequent users of our program.

In addition to utilizing same-day reservations (see the Drop-off Kid Care section), parents choosing the monthly unlimited payment option may also book standing appointments, Monday through Friday. Requests need to be received by 2:00 pm on the preceding Friday.

Guidelines for members with the Monthly Unlimited package:

  • Email Kid Care on Fridays before 2:00 pm to schedule appointments for the following week (Monday – Friday only)
    • Use the subject line “Kid Care Unlimited”
    • Please do not include any other reservations
  • Inform Kid Care at least one week before the end of the current month if you want your monthly charges to continue, be put on hold or be canceled for the following month(s)
  • Late pickup, late cancellation and no-show policies still apply
    • Cancel appointment two hours in advance to avoid charges

The monthly unlimited option has the benefit of allowing parents to create a standing Kid Care schedule, which has the added benefit of building a stronger community between children, staff and parents who use Kid Care during standing reservation times and dates.

To cancel standing appointments without incurring fees, you may cancel up to 2 hours prior to the booked time. Late Cancellation and No Show fees are charged when cancellations occur within 2 hours of booked time, and/or the child does not arrive for the appointment. The fee is equal to the rate the child would be paying under the non-monthly unlimited fee structure. (See rates under "Rates, Fee & Payment Options.")

If a parent wants to reschedule a standing appointment, as with all reservations, the normal procedure applies: parents may request a reservation up to 2 days in advance of the requested date.

After the third occurrence of parents not canceling in time or not showing up for standing appointments, parents will lose the privilege of booking standing appointments.

Monthly unlimited packages can be put on hold, but fees are not pro-rated. Monthly unlimited fees are charged per calendar month. Please sign up before the first of the month you wish to begin.

Monthly Unlimited Packages










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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the staff/child ratio?
A: In our main Kid Care room, there is a maximum of four children per one adult. Only one of the four children may be an infant under 12 months. Or, one adult may care for two infants with older children under his or her care. A maximum of 14 children may be in the main Kid Care room at any given time, inlcuding a maximum of five infants.

Q: What are popular days and peak hours?
A: Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am – noon are our busiest times.

Q: When will I get a phone/email confirmation?
A: We check our phone and email messages every morning when we open, between 1:00 – 2:00 pm, and also at closing. Throughout the day we try to check our messages as frequently as possible, but the children are always our main priority. Expect to hear back from us the day your request was sent, if not please try calling us back as there may have been a technical issue.

Q: What will my child be doing during his/her visit?
A: Infants will play in jumpers, exersaucers, swings and rocking chairs. We rock them to sleep, do bottle feedings and diaper changes, play with toys on blankets and read books. Toddlers love to explore the room. We provide many age-appropriate toys such as blocks and balls, cars and trucks, kitchen toys, instruments and coloring activities. Older kids love our creative art projects, board games and imaginary play.

Q: Where can I park my stroller?
A: Strollers may be parked outside our main childcare room. All bags and personal belongings may be kept in the childcare room.

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Failure to comply with the Kid Care program’s policies may result in revoked usage of the program. We reserve the right to ask parents to remove a child from the childcare program if he or she persistently cries or endangers the health or safety of the other children and staff.