Group Exercise

The JCCSF Fitness Center has three studios dedicated to group exercise and serves up more than 200 classes per week. Instructors set a pace to guarantee serious calorie-burning and show Members the moves to meet cardio, strength and toning needs. Innovative workouts, including free-form dance, dedicated abs classes, martial arts and belly dancing prevent burnout from your everyday exercise routine.

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Cycling Classes
Cycling classes at the JCCSF Fitness Center give Members a guaranteed burn with low-impact nonstop cycling set to high-energy music. Instructors lead rides through rocky terrain, motivating Members to push past their perceived limits for exhilarating workouts.
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Mind-Body Classes
The JCCSF Fitness Center offers a mind-body class for everyone: expectant mothers, hard-core athletes, seniors, teens and everyone in between. Classes vary in style and difficulty, offering both intense and relaxing paths to a meaningful and personal practice.
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Strength & Tone Classes
Strength and tone classes at the JCCSF Fitness Center target muscle groups with specialized props and techniques so Members can burn fat, increase muscle and become stronger.
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Dance & Cardio Classes
Cardio and dance classes at the JCCSF Fitness Center leave Members toned and energized. Choreographed, non-stop movement makes for no-fail fitness and a variety of workouts for every taste, from dance and kickboxing to anaerobic interval training.
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