Power Plate

The Future of Fitness
Catching fire in Europe, the Power Plate is proving to be a supreme advancement in fitness technology. And now JCCSF brings the Power Plate to you.

How It works
No, it's not like that silly old jiggle machine. The vibrations are so subtle that a person on the plate seems to be standing perfectly still. Basically, you tense a specific muscle (the pec, for example). The plate's vibrations cause your chest to do 1,000 micro-reps in the time it would take for one regular push-up.

What's the advantage? If using the plate is like walking a staircase…then doing a push-up is like jumping off a 1,000-foot cliff. If not executed perfectly, traditional exercises yield injury and involve a lot of wasted motion. We're not saying push-ups are bad. But on the plate, a muscle learns to step before it leaps. 

What the JCCSF is doing with Power Plate
Our own specialized trainer Matt Simpson-Weber has developed a hyper-targeted, muscle-educating technique to compliment the plate. Systematically, the new method opens up range of motion and strengthens muscle response throughout the entire body.

Athletes can micro-manage muscular development! A tennis player can educate muscles to respond specifically in the frontal plane (the way a player's feet need to move). A golfer can train to rotate in the transverse plane. A runner, in the sagittal plane. And so on.

Step onto the Power Plate and into the future of fitness.
For more information or to schedule a free, members-only trial session, please call 415.292.1299 ext. 1131.