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The JCCSF Fitness Center is professionally managed by EXOS, a global leader in fitness center management and operational excellence. As a member, you’ll receive exclusive access to EXOS benefits only available in San Francisco at the JCCSF. EXOS performance specialists are recognized for their knowledge, background, credentials and ability to help people with diverse goals and abilities.

We apply the finest performance systems and validated solutions as we empower people to upgrade their lives. At the heart of our approach sits a proven system for health and performance made up of four components ⎯ Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery, built from decades of innovation, science and real-life experience.

4 Pillars Methodology

At the JCCSF Fitness Center we believe in taking a holistic approach to fitness that supports mind, body and spirit. Our Four Pillars Methodology – MINDSET, NUTRITION, MOVEMENT and RECOVERY – are built from innovation, science and real-life experience.

Mindset is about walking into a situation or working toward a goal with a full understanding of what it requires and how to accomplish it.

Food is fuel for the body and brain. Nutrition lays the groundwork to maximize performance and cuts through the latest diet marketing hype so you consume what fuels your body best.

Essential for improving performance, we’ll show you how different types of movement make all the difference for wellness, weight management and strength.

Allow the mind and body to re-energize so it can be prepared to excel tomorrow. Rest sounds simple but we’ll show you recovery strategies to employ throughout each day, week, month and year to enhance performance.

At the JCCSF Fitness Center, we use the Four Pillars Methodology to build upon your existing behaviors and goals and deliver you the tools you need to exceed your fitness goals, so you can be your best each day.