Adult Aquatics


AQUA FIT – Take your workout to the pool for this invigorating, non-impact class. Participants will use water resistance to develop strength and cardiovascular endurance. This class is ideal for those who want a complete workout that is gentle on the body. No swimming experience needed.

AQUA FUSION – A combo workout for body and spirit. Simple, yet effective choreography is designed to develop endurance, agility, coordination, speed, power and strength. High-low interval cycles will challenge even the elite athlete. T'ai Chi is utilized towards end of class for spiritual harmony and balance. No swimming experience needed.

WARM WATER MOVEMENT CLASS – Improving fitness in warm, weight supporting water helps those with limited mobility, balance impairment or other physical restrictions. Ability to swim is not required. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace toward their own personal goals.

HIGH INTENSITY DEEPWATER AQUA FIT – This deep water exercise class is an excellent addition to any cross training regime. Participants must be comfortable in deep water with minimal flotation. A range of techniques is used to create an exciting and comprehensive workout.

LOW INTENSITY AQUA FIT – This shallow water exercise class is designed for those who want to work out, yet may have some limited or restricted movement. A variety of equipment and activities makes this a dynamic and thorough workout aimed at improving strength, balance and flexibility. No swimming experience needed.

POSTNATAL – Specific drills utilize the best of swimming, cardio and strength training. Get in shape, get back in shape, or simply increase your energy and self-esteem through abdominal work developing your core strength.

PRENATAL – Meet other expectant mothers and stay fit throughout your pregnancy. This class is held in the shallow end of the lap pool and focuses on opening the hips and preparing the body for childbirth.

MASTER SWIM – Distance workouts created weekly designed to improve swimming performance and technique. Stay motivated and focused to train at your best. Participants should be able to swim at least 2,200 yards within an hour. Space reserved for these workouts.

WATER WEIGHT TRAINING – Strengthen muscles and build a healthier physique with less impact on your joints. This 45-minute class uses water resistance and aqua-fitness equipment to develop core muscles for better balance and toning.

Membership at the JCCSF Koret Center for Health, Fitness & Sport includes all group exercise classes and access to lap swimming during building hours. Non-members can participate by purchasing a daily guest pass for $25, $15 when accompanied by a member (ID required).

For more information on aquatics exercise, please contact the Aquatics Office at 415.292.1268 or email