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PM Care: K – 8

4:00 – 6:00 pm daily. PM Care is not a drop-in program and is not offered on a day-to-day basis. You must register for PM Care in advance and for each camp session.

Kinder Camp: Magic

Campers test the limits of their imagination by learning slight of hand tricks and STEAM projects like invisible ink and lava lamps.

Game Days (1 – 2)

Campers get their game on as they team up to play sports like ultimate frisbee, flag football, capture the flag and more.

Animation (3 – 5)

Campers bring their artistic imaginations to life with animation projects like cartooning, stop-motion, flipbooks and video.

Olympic Games

The spirit of the Olympics comes to the JCCSF with a mix of flag rugby, basketball, futsal, volleyball and swimming. Includes a trip to a Giants game at Oracle Park!

H20 Adventurers

Campers stay cool while visiting Lands End and the Bay Area Discovery Museum.


The dough – and excitement – will rise in this cooking camp focused on baking.

LEGO® Masters (3 – 5)

Campers channel their inner architects to bring LEGO ideas to life with the assistance of a brick building specialist.

Musical Theater: Shrek Jr.

Campers share the spotlight as they act, sing and dance in preparation for a live performance the third Thursday of Camp at 1:00 pm.

Silly Science

Campers experiment with science by creating slime, crystal gardens, making popsicle stick cars and doing egg drops.