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Yoga & Acrobatics

Campers bend, bounce, stretch and swing as they learn and practice yoga and acrobatic moves.

Jewelry Making

Campers get glitzy as they make their own wearable jewelry through the use of many different crafty materials.


Campers will work on projects like junkbots, learn about drone science, and work with a local high school’s robotics team to learn about robotics competitions.

Game Days

Campers get their game on as they team up to play sports like ultimate frisbee, flag football, lacrosse and more.


Campers take to the pitch to learn the basics of team soccer including kicking, dribbling, passing and defense.

Dance It Up

Campers get their groove on each day as they learn a new dance style followed by an end-of-the-week performance.

Nature Navigators

Campers connect with nature as they go on walks, observe animals, identify plants, make pinecone art and much more.


Campers get their hands dirty as they craft clay creations that are kiln-fired before they are proudly displayed at home.

Mix It Up

Campers participate in a mix of indoor and outdoor activities like art, S.T.E.A.M., nature, sports, park field trips and swimming.

AM Care

8:00 – 9:00 am daily. Extended care is not a drop-in program and is not offered on a day-to-day basis. You must register for Extended Care in advance and for each camp session.