Mission Murals:
Art, Politics and Community Preservation


A Special Exhibition on the Mural Traditions of
San Francisco’s Mission District

At the JCCSF Katz Snyder Gallery
October 2017 – January 2018

From the 1960s to the present, artists and activists in San Francisco’s Mission District have been creating public murals to express a new social paradigm – on fences, in public parks and on the walls of buildings throughout the Mission. Precita Eyes Muralists, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating communities about the process and the history of public art, has inspired artists locally and throughout the United States to create public murals to spark community building and historic preservation.

Mission Murals: Art, Politics and Community Preservation is a dynamic exhibition of documentary photographs, posters, handbills, tools, ephemera and film. The exhibition will showcase the work of Precita Eyes Muralists.

The exhibition highlights the work of documentary photographer Dick Evans through his new Heyday publication entitled The Mission. It showcases work by local artists and leaders including Juana Alicia, David “Hyde” Cho, Susan Kelk Cervantes, Carlos “Kookie” Gonzalez, André Karpov, Emmanuel Montoya, Irene Perez, Ray Patlan, Mel Waters, Patricia Rodriquez, Victor Reyes, Jessica Sabogal and Carla Wojczuk. The murals continue to combat gentrification and preserve the character of the Mission District for all to enjoy.