Portraits from Uganda and Sudan

Photography of Jaclyn Konczal

From 2008-2009 I had the honor of living in northern Uganda in a small town called Adjumani, home of the Ma’di tribe and a temporary home to hundreds of Sudanese refugees from the Acholi, Ma’di and Dinka tribes. This is a region in East Africa that for decades has suffered the brutalities of civil war, oppressive dictators and relentless poverty.

My understanding of these hardships was mere hearsay until I walked alongside these enduring people and lived in community with them for a year.

These portraits have been carefully chosen from the thousands of images that I took throughout the year: images of sun-scorched landscape, daily chores, poverty, family life, and beauty. I chose these portraits based on the most significant experience that I had while living in Africa, the experience of personal relationship.

Please view these portraits with an open mind to the individual as well as the collective stories that these faces represent.

About the Artist:

Jaclyn Konczal received a Bachelor of Art and Design from North Carolina State University where she studied painting, photography and printmaking. Six months after receiving her degree she moved to Adjumani, Uganda where she lived and volunteered for one year in partnership with local leaders and grass-roots community organizations. During the same year she was involved in assisting five Sudanese families in repatriating to Magwi, South Sudan one of the many counties in South Sudan that is struggling to recover from two decades of civil war.

Jaclyn moved to San Francisco in the fall of 2009 after returning from Africa and continues her pursuit of passionate art making in this vibrant, inspiring city.

Jaclyn Konczal photographs are available for purchase. Please contact Lenore Naxon at 415.292.1235 of lnaxon@jccsf.org for more information.